Alexander Pozndiakov
Android Developer at VK.com
Moscow, Russia
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Oct 2022 - Present (1 year 8 months)
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Currently Alexander Pozndiakov supports the VK.com

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Android Developer
Part of the VK Android application development team
kotlin android java
Jun 2019 - Oct 2022 (3 years 4 months)
Tula, Russia
Software Development Engineer
Mostly worked in mobile applications development. Developed Android and iOS applications for smart doorphones with VoIP functionality. Also had experience developing a mid-load backend service for connecting frontend applications (mobile and desktop) to low-level hardware components.
android kotlin java swift ios
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Ваш домофон ВИЗИТ
Sep 2019 - Oct 2022
Application, allowing you to receive audio and video calls from your doorphone or videodoorphone, talk to visitors, and open the door from your smartphone.
kotlin java android null
Dec 2021 - Present
ptCrypt is a Python crypto library. I created this library in pursuit of deepening my knowledge about cryptography and cryptanalysis and also for easing solutions to popular CTF challenges I often encounter participating in CTFs. For algorithms implementations, I follow official standards (such as FIPS 197 for AES, FIPS 186-4 for RSA, and so on).
Jul 2020 - Present
Telegram bot I created for our CTF practices and competitions in DonNU. The bot is responsible for registering users, distributing challenges, and keeping current and season scores. I used the TorandoFX framework to create GUI, ExposedDB library for operating the SQLite database, and Kotlin coroutines for asynchronous requests processing.
kotlin sqlite coroutines tornadofx exposed-db

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Donetsk National University
Master's degree, Information security
Jan 2019 - Jun 2021
Donetsk National University
Bachelor's degree, Information security
Jan 2015 - Jun 2019
EF SET English Certificate 83/100 (C2 Proficient)
Jul 2021

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