Alyona Solodiankina
Lisbon, Portugal

I'm passionate about creating things, software development, and algorithms. - Have half of year experience in Java development, 13 years in Network Engineering - Worked with Java EE, Spring, Git, MySQL, HTML5, Maven, JUnit4/5, Shell Scripting - Build a Library pet project using JDBC, Java Servlets, JSP, and Tomcat as a servlet container - Re-wrote the same Library pet project as REST API service using Spring MVC and Spring Data - Have general knowledge of Design Patterns and Microservices

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EPAM Systems
Jan 2022 - Jun 2022 (5 months)
Java Software Developer - Trainee
Increasing my knowledge in Java EE, Spring, Microservice Architecture.
spring java docker
Jun 2018 - Jul 2021 (3 years 1 month)
Pre Post Sales Engineer
Network/security pre-sales engineer, network architect, and HPE Aruba ambassador at Ukrainian System Integrator LanTec.

- communicating with customers, pinpoint their needs, and provide a network/security solution for them
- calculating necessary parts and budget for the solution
- providing solution demo
- presenting new equipment/solutions to customers
- designing and/or installing enterprise wired and wireless networks for customers
- analyzing network market and comparing solutions from different vendors
- working along with vendors on supporting customers or providing the best design for them
- educating sales staff, mentoring new colleagues
- supporting marketing team: writing tech posts, video stuff, taking part in the conferences

Predominantly working with HPE and Fortinet solutions: wireless, security, wired. Have several certifications: HPE Aruba ACDX, ACMP, ACCP, ACSP, and others, Fortinet NSE4.

- designed and built secure access network for huge governance company
- designed and implemented several wireless networks
- was the first certified Aruba Design Expert in Ukraine and number 1258 in the world
- was a sole presenter for 2-hours LanTec Aruba Day conference
- was a tech translator at meetings between Indian and Ukrainian teams in one project
- had written huge tech documentation for a project in English
- filmed a couple of videos for HPE Aruba equipment's promotion
10 years 2 months
Odessa, Ukraine
Network Engineer
Jun 2010 - May 2018 (7 years 11 months)
Was working as part of the engineering team in the top-10 Ukrainian network provider.

- making custom network configurations for VIP-customers
- implementing changes in the network for more robust operation
- supporting and implementing network monitoring tools (https://github.com/a-s01 - my repository with custom checks)
- managing TENET's LIR account/documentation and communicating with RIPE NCC
- supporting tech support and other departments in fixing customers' issues

Had experience with Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, HPE, Dlink equipment, L2/L3 technologies, Unix-like systems, Bind. Was using PERL, shell, Python scripting for making my work easier and faster.
perl linux bash
Technical Support Engineer
Mar 2008 - Jun 2010 (2 years 3 months)
Was providing technical support to top-10 Ukrainian network provider's customers by phone and email, mostly in Russian and Ukrainian.

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