Anthony Bandolon
Berlin, Germany

My name is Anthony Bandolon and I help people to meet and exceed their goals. Clients and business owners enjoy working with me because I can point them to best services, resources, and methods for Fullstack development. Fullstack Development: I am highly-skilled in front and back-end web development with profound ability to work with several languages and databases, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as write server-side web application logic in Ruby, around the framework Rails. Network Engineering/Support: I excel at directing hotel/tourism operations, developing and implementing operational controls, conducting effective training sessions, exceeding performance, customer satisfaction, and personal development objectives, and driving improvements to enhance efficiency and profitability. Leadership Skills: I am forward-thinking leader with tactical and strategic vision, keen bottom-line focus, and verifiable success in managing multi generational teams, optimizing efficiency, and maximizing results through delivery of value-added services. Multi-Tasking & Problem Resolution: I am highly reliable and detail-oriented professional with a sense of diligence and aptitude to effectively multi-task assignments with stringent deadlines.

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Distribusion Technologies
Jul 2022 - Jul 2022 (Less than a month)
Ruby Developer - Integrations
Backend Ruby Developer building Integrations
CashCape | Quantic Finance GmbH
Dec 2019 - Jul 2021 (1 year 7 months)
Berlin Area, Germany
Backend Developer (Ruby on Rails)
Ruby on Rails Backend Developer. Create and implement new GraphQL backend for internal business tool.
• Resolve business requests for modification and insights into client accounts with customized reports.
• Proactively address system errors raised by DataDog and Rollbar systems
• Maintain and Update AWS EC2 instances
• Control and trigger deployments via GitHub Releases and AWS CodeDeploy systems.
• Convert business requirements into actionable scope using JIRA system
ruby on rails ruby postgresql rest api GraphQL github git aws s3 ec2 rspec CircleCI Datadog
Le Wagon
May 2019 - Aug 2020 (1 year 3 months)
Freelance Teaching Assistant
Assist students with their questions regarding various programming languages taught by Le Wagon including: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, ActiveRecord, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Guide students to find the proper answers, help build their critical thinking, and improve debugging skills in their code challenges.
ruby ruby on rails rubygems postgresql heroku git testing github oop tdd rest api

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Le Wagon
Fullstack Web Developer, Computer Programming
Dec 2018 - Dec 2018
Attended Le Wagon Berlin (Batch #232).

9-week intensive coding bootcamp learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript ES6,
SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku and Ruby on Rails. Designed, implemented and shipped to
production a clone of AirBnB and a Rails prototype of a platform which connects new gym goers with experienced people who are willing to assist. This prototype can be found at https://www.gorilla-go.com.

My GitHub profile: https://github.com/Abandolon
Fullstack Developer Bootcamp
Mar 2019
German Language A2
Apr 2019

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