Pavel Fedorov
Kaluga, Russia

Product-oriented web dev with PO / Founder experience. 4 failed startups so far. WordPress enthusiast. Websites performance junkie. Comfortable stack: PHP / JavaScript / SCSS / MySQL / ReactJs Preferred stack: anything new, especially if it can be used for web3 Interests: ecommerce, foodtech, fintech, crypto WordCamp SPB 2018 organizer.

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Mar 2020 - Dec 2021 (1 year 9 months)
Senior Wordpress Developer
- created and supported new whisk WordPress multisite using custom-built theme and plugins
- two full website re-designs made easy with the help of a custom-built CSS design system (BEM + utility)
- developed modern workflow and development process with Git and Github Actions
- PageSpeed optimization
- Technical SEO
- integration with core Whisk services via APIs
- assembled and lead a team of 4 to develop and launch first Whisk Recipe Builder WordPress plugin (now suspended due to core project pivot).
- part-time work with Whisk Widgets SDK (Publisher Integrations) and Widget Builder

- PHP, WordPress, Gutenberg, JavaScript, REST API, SCSS, Github, GitHub Actions, Webpack, React.js, SEO
- Management

Result: website traffic and conversions increased up to 4 times
ReactJS seo responsive design ReactJS SEO wordpress google analytics wordpress theming scss responsive design json npm sass xml Full-time
Nov 2017 - Mar 2020 (2 years 4 months)
Moscow, Russian Federation
Product Owner / Engineering manager
- Took over the complex betting marketplace project (with no prior knowledge in sports/betting) as Team Lead and Product Owner at first, then continued as Team Lead after 1.5 years of managing both.
- Hired and managed a team of 6 developers + copywriters. Kept everyone in the team till the end.
- Complete re-launch of the project in record 3 months, rapid ongoing development afterwards.
- Built a full-featured betting simulator literally from scratch on WordPress (backend) and Vue.js (frontend).
- Integration with numerous sports APIs, high-rate updates during online sporting events. Deep WordPress performance optimization through continuous profiling (xhprof) of every major release. Necessary to keep with heavy traffic spikes during major sporting events.
- Successfully tested 2 product fits (tips marketplace, betting simulator), found no traction and pivoted to the third (betting contests + SEO). Maintained high development/iterations speed at all times.

- PHP, WordPress, REST API, Javascript, Vue.js, SCSS, Github, Github Actions

- Management / Team Lead
- Frontend Developer
- Product Owner

Tested 3 product ideas. Project closed in March 2020 due to lack of funding (COVID)
PHP VueJS rest api wordpress wordpress theming seo rest api php php composer phpmyadmin phpunit xhprof xdebug
Jan 2010 - Nov 2016 (6 years 10 months)
Hybrid Freelancer
I call it hybrid freelancing because even though I did have an LLC company with a banking account, office, taxes and everything - it was just me for most of the time. Doing both full-stack development and bringing contractor help for large projects that were too big/difficult for me at that time.

Previous experience with the design studio taught me the importance of delegation and incorporation. Having registered yet another company (Motivator LLC) for my own name I was able to be more flexible than ever, hiring contractors and taking on all kinds of projects and customers, including large corporations.

We launched several complex websites, such as (ecommerce and product website of a largest car security manufacturer in Russia) or (logistic services marketplace).

I also started working with American customers via Elance (now Upwork) and soon started as a part-time contractor for a small studio specializing on dental websites. A very useful skill that I learned during that period was remote async workflow. Proved to be handy in future.

WordPress became the CMS of choice for the majority of new projects, though some of the old ones are being developed on other platforms.

Learned about web-development, marketing, product development, SEO and ecommerce.
php css javascript seo smm crm google analytics adobe photoshop wordpress theming woocommerce adobe illustrator yandex agile jira scrum wordpress figma

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RSI Alerts
Apr 2021 - Present
Built a relatively simple financial app to alert myself when a certain stock RSI is overbought or oversold. It appeared that other people also want this so it's a standalone project now, slowly but steadily getting new users. It's fun to work on too, an interesting blend between finance, product, backend and frontend work, exactly what I like to do.
ReactJS php wordpress rest api json responsive design scss webpack npm
Whisk Recipes WordPress plugin
May 2020 - Mar 2021
Whisk Recipes for WordPress is a free fully-featured recipe plugin, developed for creators and food-lovers. Whisk features are naturally integrated into the plugin and allow your visitors to instantly save recipes and create shopping lists right from recipe cards on your website! One click and a recipe is saved to Whisk ecosystem, where it can be viewed, analyzed and added to shopping list in one of our mobile apps, available on Google Play, App Store, Galaxy Store or Web. Your friends won’t have to print out recipes from your website and worry about buying the right amount of ingredients.
jira wordpress PM scss rest api ReactJS gutenberg figma responsive design webpack
Whisk Recipe Widgets
Dec 2020 - Jan 2021
Little plugin that allows using Whisk Recipes widgets on WordPress recipes websites without any impact on performance and Google PageSpeed. I might continues working on it and expand it to allow for other 3rd-party widgets.
php javascript wordpress oop rest api responsive design npm webpack
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Northwest Academy of Public Admininistration
Bachelor's degree, Accounting and Finance
Sep 2006 - Jul 2009
Unusual Concepts
Professional SCRUM Product Owner training course
Apr 2018

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