Ahmad Zaki Anshori
Software Engineer at Traveloka
Jakarta, Indonesia

I am a technology enthusiast, with experiences in technology and business in startup tech company. I love code, and make technology useful for people. Focus on customer satisfaction, knowing the pain, and solving the problem.

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Oct 2020 - Present (3 years 8 months)
Jakarta Metropolitan Area Current workspace
Currently Ahmad Zaki Anshori supports the Traveloka

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Software Engineer
I was accepted as Engineer Student in Information Computer Engineering through ICT Global Startup 2018 - South KoreaI developed several Projects every weeks based on subject- Machine Learning : Realtime Hand Gesture Recognition for Sign Language- IoT : Smart Bed for Old People Monitoring and Standard Automatic Assistance
software engineer java terraform dynamodb mongodb ci/cd aws lambda amazon s3
DANA Indonesia
Nov 2019 - Oct 2020 (11 months)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Software Engineer
Solve scalability of millions of transaction which are transfer Bank to Bank, Bank to Balance, and give a seamless service for customer to transfer and receive money with Fund Domain Team.

Tech stack : Java, alibaba cloud, postgres
Java postgresql
Wrapme Korea
Jan 2018 - Dec 2018 (11 months)
Suwon, Gyeonggi-do
Co-Founder and CTO
Left over food is the big problem that South Korea face in the last decades. Trying to solve this problem, we developed a product to sell the still-good-left-over food in very affordable price rather than throw it away (in Korea, we have to pay for trashing service). By using this product, people can find the nearest pin-point to take the re-packed food and buy it in very affordable price, Business not only can reduce the cost but also make it as the new way to get money. We are part of Korea Startup Incubator funded by Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
java android firebase

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Kata Quran Line Bot
Nov 2018 - Nov 2018
Kata Qur'an Bot is Bot of Line app like Search Engine for Quran by inputting the Latin word.
-Qur'an is Holy Book for Muslim written in Arabic
List of features:
1. Search the related aya in Quran by inputting the latin words
This feature can ease the user to search the aya in Qur'an that consist the word that user give. Sometime, we forget about the location of aya in Qur'an, and using this bot it can help you search it by only give the word that you remember which can be only slice of aya in Latin. For example, if you are looking for aya that consist the word "اسمه أحمد". you just need input "ismuhu ahmad", and you get the aya. This is easy, isn't?
2. Show the Aya, translate and Tafseer
Sometimes you need to read the aya, translate and Tafseer. By using line bot feature, you can read Quran by one click for "next" or "before" aya. This is just like read Quran in Line, and you don't need to read it from an app anymore.
3. Show today Advice.
In some condition, Using this bot, you can get the advicens related with what you feel. angry? Sad? Bad? or even Happy? got your advice from Quran

Behind this Bot, There is API to NLP Process that process the input of the word to Arabic, and the search it through Quran Scorpus. In several condition, the Latin pronunciation of Arabic is different, that is why searching in arabic is very hard. But using this Bot, it can be done easily because we use NLP.
The NLP is in Go Environment, but the Bot itself is in Python environment. The separation is need to make sure the NLP is independent and can be reusable to another project.

This project is made for competition in https://www.dicoding.com/challenges/428 and got "The Best 20 Bot App"
My part in this project are :
1. Make the bot in python
2. Connect the bot to API
3. Process the input of user in Bot by using NLP to know what they want
4. Collect the data of searching and process it to do improvement in bot
5. Update the bot in several days/weeks - based on my free time.
Smart App Food Recognition
Sep 2017 - Oct 2017
Smart App Food Recognition is android application, by using machine learning application and IoT, it can monitor the food condition on the table, from temperature, closer status, and weight. Those information are sent by using bluetooth to phone.
By using camera, this application can predict the food's name which are had been trained before using SVM Algorithm for several kind of foods. The training process had been handled in server by using python environment, and then the model is saved in the app.
Beside that, by using open source API in internet, we gather information about the content of the food, like vitamins, carbohydrate, glucose, etc. Those information are used for calculate the daily need of body and notify if it is reach the target or not.
At the end, this app can give the information of food on the table from its name, its condition, its content and then give the notification to the user about their daily target of carbohydrate, vitamins, etc.

This App were used for competition : Gemastik and got 1st winner

My part of this project are :
1. Make the mobile application
2. Gather Information from the internet about the food's content
3. Train the food's data
4. Connect the mobile app and the IoT on the table of food
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University of Indonesia
Bachelor's degree, Computer Science
Jan 2012 - Dec 2016
Startup Strategy and Business Development
Feb 2018
Transform Big Data into Intelligent Action with Advanced Analytics
Jul 2016
Advanced Design Patterns: Design Principles
Apr 2022

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