Alejandro Vasta
Frontend Developer at
Mar del Plata, Argentina


I build modern web and mobile applications professionally. I am a passionate full-stack software developer who loves to learn and meet professionals from different areas. I have more than 10 years working for the most challenging startups across US and Europe.

English (English)
(Professional proficiency)
Spanish; Castilian (español, castellano)
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Tech Stack

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PHP(10 years)
CSS(10 years)
html(10 years)
NodeJS(8 years)
Redux(4 years)
ReactJS(4 years)
Go(2 years)
React Native
React Native(2 years)
typescript(1 years)

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Mar 2020 - Present (9 months)
New York, United States Current workspace
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Frontend Developer
react react native node.js
Mar 2016 - Mar 2020 (4 years)
Nueva York y alrededores, Estados Unidos
Frontend Developer
Web application developer Responsibilities: Developed: - Web application - Service for generating pdf documents for proposals, invoices and contracts. - Dashboard for internal use. - Marketing websites - Mac application with specific functionality for tracking time and handling tasks. - Common repository for web components. - Email template generator using designed components and creating the email templates in Sendgrid automatically. - Payme page to allow freelancers to get paid. Tech stack: - React.js Redux, CSS in JS using Glamor. - Node.js and Express for building the document service. - Angular 1 to maintain an old web application. - Gulp, nunjucks and sass for building the email template generator.
react node.js
Oct 2015 - Mar 2016 (5 months)
Frontend Developer
Responsibilities and goals: Developed: - Dashboard for controlling app usage data. - Dashboard to visualize data in real time. - User administrator. - Platform administrator. Tech stack: - Plain javascript architecture. - HTML5 / CSS. - Javascript templates . - D3 graphs. - Web-socket connection using
html css javascript
Managed by Q
Jul 2014 - Mar 2015 (8 months)
Frontend Developer
Responsibilities and goals: Developed: - Web application for companies. - Marketing website. - Marketing website for offices. - Signup flow. Tech stack: - Plain javascript architecture using es5, jade templates, jquery and sass. Used browserify for modules and gulp to handle development tasks for building and deploying in S3.
html javascript css
Jan 2013 - Jan 2017 (4 years)
Software Developer
Responsibilities and goals Developed (frontend): - The main web application for rental companies and suppliers. - Dashboard for getting available slots, working with multiple calendars, slot updates and notifications - Altering slots, marking them as full, cancelled or changing the time of the events. - Reservation system for products and services. - Team member connections. - Marketplace for connecting companies and suppliers and sell products and services. - Third party services integration such as stripe and google calendar. - Chat and conversation system for team members and customers. - Public booking page for customers. - Public voucher page for customers. - Payments manager for companies and suppliers. - Boarding pass and checkin verification. - Website creator. Features: Photo albums, articles, product list and detail screen. Dynamic navigation. - Internationalization support for websites, resources, categories and all the public entities. Developed (backend): - Rest API for availability, companies and resources. - System for connecting companies with suppliers with different roles and deals. - Third party integrations such as Stripe, Sendgrid, Google cal, Datadog, Cloudflare and Heroku api. - Availability handler to alter calendar slots and periods. - System for getting virtual slots to reserve resources. - Checkout system to allow companies to get paid using Stripe API. - Sending voucher and payment link access by email using Sendgrid API. - Generating websites, automatically creating the zone in Cloudflare and Heroku. It provides a way to create a company website easily. Tech stack: Frontend: React.js, material ui components, css in javascript, styled components, react hooks and context api. Jest and Storybook. Flow(types). Common repository to store model functions, types, usable components and utils. Backend: Golang, Posgresql, Echo (light framework), Gorm (ORM), AWS integration for uploading media and statics.
react node.js go echo framework gorm
Aug 2011 - Jan 2015 (3 years 5 months)
Co-Founder and Frontend developer
Irbislab was founded with the goal of bringing creative and innovative solutions, applying cutting edge technology to make your apps stand out from the rest. Simplicity and flexibility drive our development process, striving always for the cleanest possible solution. Our passion for technology drives our motivation to deliver great web and mobile apps. Responsibilities and goals: Developed: - Marketing websites for local and international companies. - PHP applications: dashboards, control panels and administrators. - Email templates. - Web applications using Angular1 and React.js. - Backend applications using django (python). Tech stack: - Angular 1. - React.js. - HTML5 / CSS / Sass . - Javascript / ES6. - PHP codeigniter, phalcon framework. - Python. - Django. - Mysql databases.


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Universidad Caece
Bachelor, Computer programming
Mar 2003 - Mar 2008
dropped out