Alexis Paques
Head of Robotics at The Kobi Company
Brussels, Belgium

Alexis a driven Robotics Engineer experienced in Software design tightly coupled to hardware. Helped by his problem-solving mindset and knowledge of many cutting edge technologies he transforms ideas into working prototypes in no time.

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The Kobi Company
4 years 9 months
Brussels Area, Belgium Current workspace
Currently Alexis Paques supports the The Kobi Company

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Head of Robotics
Feb 2020 - Present (4 years 3 months)
As the head of robotics, I manage the Robotics & IoT teams and projects as well as continuing to develop the platform.
c++ python javascript
Robotics Engineer
Aug 2019 - Feb 2020 (6 months)
The Kobi is a service provider for industrial mower manufacturers. We are building the autonomous mower software stack that uses AI to enhance the features such as grass detection, border detection or object recognition.
My experience at The Kobi includes:
- Developing sensor drivers (Lidar, Ultrasounds, IMUs)
- Designing the high-performance IPC stack
- Developing the local web-interface
- Handling the cloud platform
- Develop the navigation stack
- Develop the behaviour engine
c++ javascript python
Unmanned Life
2 years 6 months
Région de Bruxelles, Belgique
Lead Robotics Engineer & Architect
Jul 2017 - Aug 2019 (2 years 1 month)
As the Lead Robotics Engineer, I lead the software team and develop autonomous robots from bottom up according to the client requirements. As the Architect, I design both the software, the embedded hardware architecture and the network architecture of the ULife Platform.
This includes every development including but not limited to: the motor control, UWB localization, position control, sensor fusion, sensors drivers, 4G gateway, application framework, application logic, embedded linux, web interfaces, cloud VPN.

Where did it fly/drive?
- PostNL PoC (Nederlands)
- PostExpo 2017 (Switzerland)
- Innovation 2017 for BT (Adastral Park, UK)
- Verizon HQ demonstration (New Jersey, USA)
- 10 Downing Street for Theresa May (UK)
- King's College London (UK)
- SwissPost PoC (Switzerland)
- British Council demonstration (San Francisco, USA)
- MWC America 2018 (Los Angeles, USA)
- World AI summit 2018
- PostExpo 2018 (Hamburg)
- TIP 2018
- #OCR18 (Guardian center, Georgia, USA)
- Hubraum 2019

- The Postal Innovation award, PostExpo 2018
- The disruptive innovation award, Techworks 2017
- Best MEC use-case, MEC Congress 2017
- The Start-up Postal Innovation award, PostExpo 2017
c++ python javascript
Robotics Engineer
Feb 2017 - Jul 2017 (5 months)
As a Robotics Engineer, I designed and implemented the Autonomy framework for both ground vehicles and drones. This includes:
- Embedded Linux setup
- Hardware design
- Motor control & position control
- Multi-robot planning and control
- UWB localization
- Web-based interface
- Mission-based synchronization between heterogeneous robots
c++ python javascript
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Jul 2016 - Aug 2016 (1 month)
Région de Boston, États-Unis
Invited Researcher
Invited two months at the MIT as part of my thesis on UAV autonomous control for construction. During those 2 months, we added the RTK-based localization and demonstrated the capabilities of our system.
c++ python javascript

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Autonomous mower
Aug 2019 - Present
The Kobi Company
Development of autonomous solutions.
c++ python javascript ros css control navigation algorithm
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Master, Industrial Engineer in Electronics & Computer Science
Sep 2011 - Jun 2016

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