Alexandru Objelean
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Java/J2EE developer with hands-on experience in enterprise information portal projects, content management systems, enterprise integration projects as well as rich client Swing desktop applications. My professional goal is to continuously improve my technical and communication skills. Proficiency with: - Technologies: J2SE 5.0 APIs (Core Java, JDBC, Swing), J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JDBC) - Web Frameworks: Wicket, JSF (Facelets, IceFaces, MyFaces), GWT, DWR, Spring MVC, Echo2, Enformia, Struts, JSTL, Tiles - NoSQL: CouchBase (attended a training), Neo4j, Hazelcast - Build tools: Maven, Ant, Gradle, Chef - Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Anthill - SCM: Git, SVN, CVS, Perforce - Internet Technologies: HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, YUI), Ajax - Web Containers: Apache Tomcat, Jetty - Application Servers: IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Caucho Resin - Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL - Modeling Methodologies: Unified Modeling Language (UML) - Issue tracking: JIRA, TTPro, Rally, Mantis - Programming paradigms: Design patterns, OOP, AOP, TDD. - Other frameworks: Spring Framework, hibernate jax-ws, jax-rpc, axis, EJB 2 - Test frameworks: JUnit, TestNG, EasyMock, Mockito Spoken Languages: Romanian (native), Russian (Fluent), English (Fluent) Other Projects experience: Open Source: - wro4j - Freelance: - Online store of recording studio products (Soundpure) - Customer & Dealer Account Management Web Application (Goldlock - Mobile encryption Industry) Specialties: Front-end application architecture & expertise (Web Frameworks & Client-Side Web Developement), web performance optimization, middle-tier application architecture, technical design & estimation.

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Betfair Romania Development
12 years 9 months
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Principal Software Developer
Jan 2018 - Jan 2022 (4 years)
Senior Software Engineer
Apr 2009 - Jan 2018 (8 years 9 months)
- Maintainance and development of new features (recurrent scheduling of managed content) for CMS solution (based on Alfresco)
- Single Sign On web application for betfair site ( Was involved in more than one tier: front-end (password strength indicator jurisdiction aware generic solution) and back-end (integrating various internal services into brand new single sign-on solution).
- Playing Embedded Architect role. Create architecture documents (software and hardware design documents) for a service responsible for managing rewards across the entire platform.
- Web Service responsible for integrating various jurisdiction aware regulators.
- Integrating third party two step authentication solution for Danish Jurisdiction (NemID).
- New generation sports site focusing on performance and cutting edge technologies.
- REST web service for replication of heterogeneous storage systems
- Create a library for analyzing and publishing via JMX informations about certifates used for one way SSL and/or two way SSL.
- Create a library for easily managing web site access based on client IP address and/or client country of registration.
- Create a generic library for handling XSS requests for a web application.
- Third party flash games integration platform (
ISDC Romania
4 years 8 months
Cluj County, Romania
Senior Java Developer
Jan 2008 - Apr 2009 (1 year 3 months)
- Aquisition, Access & Management of Subscriptions (Swets - World Leading Subscription Services Company)
- WebService testing Web Application (EuroTaxGlass)
- Holiday Marketing Action Management (Centerparcs).
- Vehicle Market (EuroTaxGlass & GeneralMotors)
- Financial Solutions (FINAN, Prequest Sodexho)
- Enterprise Integration Application (ABS), Package distribution (TNT).
Jul 2005 - Dec 2007 (2 years 5 months)
Developing Web Application using Java Technologies.
Junior Developer
Jul 2004 - Jul 2005 (1 year)
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Technical University of Cluj Napoca
Software Engineer, Computer Science
Jan 2000 - Jan 2005

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