Alex Sonars
Enterprise Solutions Architect at NDA*
Moscow, Russia

I'm a pretty fun and friendly Developer :) For more than 11 years, I was a programmer in a various projects and applications, working with different teams. Now my way is to develop as an effective Devops. Now I am interested in SRE and SA and how to improve the Infrastructure of dynamic and HI-loaded systems. Focused with the AWS and Google Cloud capabilities. I am always happy to communicate professionally. Feel free to get in touch with me.

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Jan 2022 - Present (7 months)
Remote Current workspace
Currently Alex Sonars supports the NDA*

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Enterprise Solutions Architect
Currently have leading in parallel several projects with redesign of Solution Architect AWS cloud systems and their parts.
aws serverless CloudFormation python go kubernetes ansible
Edvans Solutions co, it's sub devision Provectus LLC · Permanent Full-time
Jun 2021 - Jan 2022 (7 months)
Kazan, Russia
DevOps Engineer
• The main goal, of our (infrastructure) subdivision of DevOps team was the design/develop of architectural solutions, related to the cost optimisation and highly manageable and operating of main systems.
• The second goal was to create architectural solutions with the fastest assembled/collapsed structures and the most manageable infrastructure, with multiple configuration options.
• Managed X-OPS, Sec-OPS, with Infrastructure services tasks.
aws gcp azure terraform terragrant K8s EKS GKE snowflake
Provectus Palo Alto, California, United States
Feb 2021 - Jun 2021 (4 months)
Palo Alto, United States
DevOps Infrastructure Engineer
• Successfully completed “Migration project” with multiple high-loaded and geo-spreaded systems from on-premises and bare metal hybrid infrastructure to the EKS AWS Cloud ENVs, which allowed to reduce incredible monthly cost by using solution presented before on bare metal. Resigned dev-ops processes which was implemented out through legacy tech-solutions as old- versioned Docker things; legacy versions of Kubernetes, and configurations by like outdated HelmCharts implementations... ext,
• Made new design and developed of new implementations of new infrastructures, preparing and launching a new ENVs(prod/stage/dev).
• Create new IaaC management systems through combination of Terraform based and Git-Flow solutions to provision new infrastructure.
aws terraform kubernetes

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AWS EC2 instance with VPN server also using auto healing to replace failed Instances
HCL Terraform aws shell bash linux ansible
Mar 2021 - Present
I started sharing my code quite recently.
I'm very excited about the possibilities of github, now it's actually one of my most favorite resources.
So I decided to create an octOOps section that combines cheats and tricks and code for DevOps.
Mar 2021 - Present
The main idea was the decision NOT to take a ready-made solution out of the box in the form of a ready-made and pre-configured container. Build your one on your side, but nevertheless do it fully automatic with the possibility of a wide custom configuration. Or if you intended to make it quick and easy by running one entry-point file.
infrastucture troubleshooting integration IaaS SaaS bash terraform git github ci/cd scripting webserver ansible
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Saratov Regional College
Bachelor of Engineering - BE, , Geo Informational Systems Engineer
Sep 2000 - May 2005
GOV Administration cert. cener Volgograd Region
Qualification certificate technician programmer
Jun 2003
AWS Training and Certification
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
May 2022

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