Mike Alfa
Lititz, United States

O-1 Visa holder - Individual with Extraordinary Ability. Almost 6 years of experience in Software Engineering with proficiency in building scalable web services and mobile apps with Flutter. I was on both sides of what customers see and what not - frontend and backend, and I'm excited to build great, perfect mobile apps most of all. The best driver for me is the usefulness of the product to users and the impact the product can have on that world. Make it a better place. It is because of this I’ve created a few Open Source projects, which are used by thousands of developers all over the world, and created a lot of great products which help people right now. Languages: Dart, Typescript, Javascript, Bash, SQL Technologies: Flutter, Node.js, Nest.js, Vue, Nuxt, React, OpenAPI, Protobuf, WebSocket, WebRTC, REST API, NGINX, Docker Tools: Npm, Pub, Jira, Redmine, Swagger Source Control: Git Methodology: Scrum, Kanban, TDD Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB CI/CD: GitLab, GitHub, TeamCity, Jenkins, Codemagic Something I can be proud of: ◉ Built an e-commerce app for hundreds of thousands of users in <3 months by myself ◉ Invented and implemented a universal modular platform for Flutter app development with a "micro-frontend" approach ◉ Constructed a CMS that is compatible with any backend and allows you to update the Flutter app interface and logic without publishing to the AppStore / Google Play Want to connect? Feel free to send me a message or: ➤ Visit my CMS` landing page: ➤ Explore my GitHub: ➤ Read my articles (This link does not include all of them):

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