Elijah Stewart
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

I am a Young & Enthusiastic Software Developer from the "Southside" interested in building FullStack Web and Blockchain Applications and solutions. I mainly develop software using Typescript and Java, but have recently begun learning Golang, as well as Rust. I also write articles and short pieces in my free time, as well as drop bars. :x

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May 2022 - Jun 2022 (1 month)
Backend Developer
Building the backend architecture (RESTful API) for the Frixx Application using Express, as well as Mongoose (for connecting to and managing a mongoDB database).
ExpressJS mongoose nodeJS JsonWebTokens Bcrypt mongodb
Jan 2022 - May 2022 (4 months)
Port Harcourt, Nigéria
Full Stack Developer
• Built, as well as managed the DreamUp website from the ground up.
• Designed the frontend layout, as well as views, and individual components.
• Mapped out, and executed an articulate database system for the application server.
• Developed an efficient RESTful API for which the Svelte frontend made API calls to and processed requests and transactions.
• Utilized Sveltestrap, as well as Bootstrap, building the frontend look & feel.
ExpressJS svelte javascript nodeJS sveltestrap svelte-router-spa axios postgresql TypeORM bootstrap
Hamzah Foods
Aug 2021 - Nov 2021 (3 months)
Port Harcourt, Nigéria
React Developer
• Developed and managed a dynamic web application built using the React framework.
• Managed state across application using state management library, Redux .
• Implemented custom hooks, taking advantage of React's prebuilt hooks functionality.
• Included NestJS and ensured server side rendering, improving visibility, which led to a spike in visits to the site.
ReactJS next.js Redux Material UI webpack SCSS Styled Components

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Recipe App
Oct 2021 - Present
A Recipe App UI design implementation using VueJS for mobile, as well as desktop screens featuring suggested recipes, saved recipes, as well as other user details.
VueJS typescript scss javascript html css bootstrap Balm UI vuex
User RESTful API
Oct 2021 - Apr 2022
An efficient RESTful API server built with ExpressJS and PostgreSQL (with TypeORM) featuring user registration and login services, as well as user verification, authorization and authentication using nodemailer (and google OAuth , with googleapis), and JsonWebTokens.
typescript ExpressJS TypeORM nodeJS Jsonwebtoken postgresql javascript
URL Shortener
Mar 2022 - Mar 2022
A simple URL Shortener application built with Typescript, Express & pg library for connecting to the pg database.
typescript postgresql ExpressJS pg nodeJS

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Rivers State University
Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering
Oct 2018 - Present
Triplebyte Certified
Feb 2023

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