Abrar Mahi
Application Developer ll at The New York Public Library
New York City, United States

I am currently a student at CUNY Hunter College and am pursuing a BA in computer science. I am currently looking for internships and other programs to help accelerate my skills in computer and data science.

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The New York Public Library
2 years 9 months
New York City Metropolitan Area Current workspace
Currently Abrar Mahi supports the The New York Public Library

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Application Developer ll
Aug 2022 - Present (1 year 11 months)
Cloud Applications Developer Intern
Aug 2021 - Jun 2022 (10 months)
-Building, maintaining, and testing web apps on the Django framework and Restful APIs with Django REST framework.
-Building responsive frontends with jQuery using CSS frameworks such as BootStrap, tailwind, and DataTables.
-Using GCP (Google Cloud Platform) for creating App engines, Version control, cron jobs, managing SQL instances (CloudSQL: PostgreSQL, Redis, and MYSQL), and managing compute engines.
-Unit testing applications with PyTest and Python unittest, and documentation using Google's documentation style guides.
-Following and implementing Web-Aims Guidelines to implement Accessible UI/UX
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Jun 2022 - Aug 2022 (2 months)
New York City Metropolitan Area
Algorithms Development Intern
- Worked under Dr.Matteo Ottaviani to develop a Python framework that allows for the retrieval of parameters in the Earth’s system, from remote sensing observations of light intensity and polarization
- Used the LMFit library, a high-level residual minimization library for python which uses the non-linear least-squares technique, to develop the retrieval scheme.
- Implemented various input and value error-checking algorithms which will raise and (when appropriate) handle errors autonomously.
- Rewrote core methods of the framework to reduce abstraction and increase efficiency.
- Wrote detailed usage and program documentation while following Google's documentation style guide.
Jan 2021 - Jun 2021 (5 months)
CodePath iOS Student
-Learn iOS app development using Swift programming language on Xcode
-Creating iOS apps such as Flix, Instagram, and Twitter app clones
-Integrating various APIs into Xcode projects such as the Twitter API
-Working with various Swift pods such as Parse and AlamoFire for image and backend integration
-Creating and integrating backends for apps using Back4App
-Working with a team of 4 students to create and showcase a unique iOS app that uses various weather-forecast APIs to help the user decide which clothes, cosmetics, and/or skincare are best for them in accordance with the weather.

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Hunter College
Bachelor of Arts - BA, Computer Science
Aug 2019 - Present
The Brooklyn Latin School
High School Diploma
Sep 2015 - Jun 2019
International Baccalaureate
Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Dec 2015 - Dec 2018
Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript
Mar 2017
Introduction to Urban Engineering and Arduino
Jul 2016

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