Amin Mesbahi
Lead Engineer, Senior Software Developer at Cafe Bazaar
Tehran, Iran
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Cafe Bazaar
3 years 7 months
Tehran Current workspace
Currently Amin Mesbahi supports the Cafe Bazaar

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Lead Engineer, Senior Software Developer
Feb 2020 - Present (2 years 6 months)
As a lead software engineer, I design, plan, and apply enterprise software solutions for the organization; and leading five cross-functional technical teams from product conception through launch.

- Managed design and development of the common application framework as the base for organizational solutions, including HRM, Procurement Management, Access Management bases on .NET core, and microservices.

- Improved organizational efficiency by identifying requirements and developing tailored software solutions

- Facilitated finding and reserving workspace pods and meeting rooms for the company's staff with designing and developing a hardware/software solution based on raspberry pi, MQTT protocol, and custom PWA

- Developed BAM application with a modular architecture to connect, gather, analyze and present data various databases and services; this solution reduced missing processes by 35% in 4 months
Trained new developers on proper TDD and design guides
.net core python microservices sql server
Product Manager
Jan 2019 - Feb 2020 (1 year 1 month)
On assignment at the cloud infrastructure development department, I started to design the architecture of a CMP using microservices for managing, monitoring, and governance of various cloud services.

- Led four cross-functional development teams, including front-end, back-end, database, and security

- Designed the platform using microservices architecture

- Led teams to use TDD and achieving 75%+ coverage

- Built a custom bootstrapper for accelerating and improving new module development

- Used modern technologies to deliver high-quality, secure, scalable, and flexible platform (Vue.js, Django, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, Sentry, Prometheus)
cloud database Django Kubernetes
Saman Electronic Payment (SEP)
2 years 3 months
Tehran Province, Iran
Senior Software Engineer (Consultant)
Apr 2015 - Feb 2016 (10 months)
- Led efforts around seamlessly supervising tuning of mission-critical databases with tens of millions of new records per day, resulting in generating 25% more TPS and utilizing 15% less hardware resources.

- Assumed a lead role in enhancing core database data model and consulted software architecture and design while reducing 35% estimation faults in product development time estimation.
database sql server .net
Senior Software Engineer (Consultant)
Jan 2013 - Jun 2014 (1 year 5 months)
- Designed database infrastructure to migrate payment switch from Oracle to SQL Server 2012

- Enhanced the payment switch database with structure, queries, and indexes

- Ensured higher team productivity and collaboration by efficiently consulting on Application Lifecycle Management and using Scrum in production teams

- Instructed the SQL Server 2014 Development and Administration course for the DBA team.
database sql server .net agile unit testing database design
Parsian E-Commerce Co.
Jul 2014 - Jan 2015 (6 months)
Tehran Province, Iran
Database and Storage Consultant
- Optimized mission-critical 24x7 databases performance by 3x with enhancing database structure, queries, and indexes

- Led migration process of payment-switch databases from Oracle to SQL Server (30TB+ database)

- Implemented High-Availability for databases

- Enhanced database infrastructure to get more performance and availability with fewer resources
database sql server .net

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