Amirhossein Dashtizadeh
Senior PHP Developer at عدل آفرینان ماندگار
Tehran, Iran
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عدل آفرینان ماندگار
May 2019 - Present (3 years 3 months)
Tehran Province, Iran Current workspace
Currently Amirhossein Dashtizadeh supports the عدل آفرینان ماندگار

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Senior PHP Developer
Working as a team member in the back-end side of a web based hotel CRS(central reservation system) software named "Adotel".
It's a huge project and the first native one in the country.
The project includes two panels. CRS panel that is using by hotels, and TA(travel agency) panel that is using by travel agencies.
The project is developed by Laravel and MongoDB in the back-end and Angular(CRS panel)+React(TA panel) in the front-end.
We also developing APIs to integrate with various hotel softwares(PMS). So adapter pattern is one of important design patterns we using here.
My main role here is working(develop and tech-support) on the booking module. It's a core module and I developed it from scratch. Also there is a RESTful web-service API we give it to the channels(TAs) as "Adotel Connect API" which is developed by me. Basically they can book and manage reservations and pull or subscribe to push changes of CRS ARI(availability, restrictions, and inventory) through it.
laravel mongodb php rabbitmq docker linux git agile
Feb 2018 - Mar 2019 (1 year 1 month)
Esfahan Province, Iran
Php Sql Developer
I was working in the back-end side of development of a web based ERP(enterprise resource planning) software named "EasRP".
The project was developing by Laravel and MySQL(most logics are written by stored procedures) in the back-end and Angular in the front-end.
I was working on some core modules like invoice and inventory.
Also I implemented a repository pattern through the whole project for the layer between Laravel and database.
mysql php laravel git
May 2014 - Apr 2017 (2 years 11 months)
Esfahan Province, Iran
Web Developer
I was developing the back-end side and admin panel of common websites(blog, shop, news, ..) mostly using PHP core but with MVC architecture.
In the development of admin templates, I used jQuery library and many of its plugins with Bootstrap 3 framework.
The last year I was there, I worked with Laravel framework and developed a website named "". It's a site to announce events through the site itself, SMS, web push notification(by google firebase API) and social networks(Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram channel). Telegram and Instagram handled directly by their own APIs and others handled through Buffer( API.
php mysql jquery html css javascript

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