Anant Kaushik
Delhi, India
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Quovantis Technologies
Jul 2019 - Jul 2020 (1 year)
New Delhi, India
Software Engineer
Project: PHRITZ
● Involved in design discussion of building the architecture of integrating chatbot with various channels.
● Build a microservice to integrate different channels(Slack, Twilio and WebApp) with the chatbot. Implement Strategy Design Pattern in it.
● Did the POC of building chatbot using the RASA framework.
● Responsible for the design and development of fast and scalable REST-based APIs.
● Involved in the design discussion of creating a state machine to overcome problems of RASA.
● Responsible for creating components of the state machine and integrating state machine with the existing stack.
Utilized​ : ​ Python3, Flask, Docker, Rasa, Django.

Project​ : Mpulse
● Build a tool to create JIRA deployments tickets from one place.
● Involved in the design discussion of new features.
● Did POC of ELK stack with Filebeat for a new feature.
● Responsible for creating and managing Airflow-DAGs.
● Responsible for fixing the existing vulnerabilities and code smells.
Utilized​ : ​ Python3, Flask, Django, Redis, Celery, Tornado, Apache-Airflow, Javascript.
python Airflow-DAGs Flask docker django rasa redis javascript

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