Andrés García
Software Engineer at Capgemini
Bogota, Colombia

Andres Garcia, a Deaf Technologist specialized in application development for mobile devices with solid experience in mobile front-end in Flutter. Technologist in Analysis and development in information systems with Front-end knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js and Typescript. Solid understanding of design principles, UI/UX and responsive design, PWAs, Atomic Design, Clean Architecture. Back-end experience using Node.js/Express, Loopback 3/4, Nest, Directus, PHP, Auth (JWT), Security, Manages Linux servers, RESTful APIs and GraphQL. DevOps experience with CI/CD, Docker and microservices architectures. Relational and non-relational database administration using MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Firebase. Proactive, innovative, self-starter with initiative, analytical skills, decision making, strong work ethic and high level of professionalism.

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Software Engineer
Nov 2022 - Present (4 months)
Software Engineer (Mobile - Flutter)
Dec 2020 - Nov 2022 (1 year 11 months)
▪ Refactored the project for the mobile application of Bancolombia a financial service for migration to Flutter 2 and 3.
▪ Support in UX proposals for mobile applications.
▪ Support / Educate / Code Review other mobile team members code contributions Ensure code consistency and quality within the team.
▪ Ensure mobile code has been thoroughly Unit tested and verification of code vulnerabilities.
▪ Creation of app modules with new functionality that consume cloud services
▪ Version management in Git and Azure.
▪ Working with Design System, Atomic Design, Clean Architecture, Scrum, Azure, SonarQube, Figma.
Achievements: ✔ Reduced the technical debt by 40%, ✔ reduce the time to complication of the pipeline by 50%, ✔ increased performance and reduced the space consumed by app through Flutter/Dart best practices using SonarQube.
flutter dart azure figma Design Atomic visual studio code android studio
Oct 2020 - Nov 2020 (1 month)
Back End Developer Node.js
▪ Multi-service backend migration and upgrade from version 3 to 4 of Loopback (TypeScript and PostgreSQL)
NodeJS Loopback GraphQL docker
Jun 2020 - Oct 2020 (4 months)
Bogota, D.C.
Full Stack Developer (App Desktop & Architecture) Node.js
▪ Development services REST API & APP with Docker (TypeScript, mongoDB, PostgreSQL, Vue.js)
▪ Built in jsreport server with Docker and design template of jsreport
▪ Improved code structure re-architecture with applying Clean Architecture & SOLID.
NodeJS expressjs mongodb VueJS

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TEELLA - Mobile application for care services for the elderly, disabled and others.
Mar 2019 - Jan 2020
* Designed and developed mobile application based on Quasar framework (Vue.js), Google Firebase;
* Backend development PHP (Framework Directus) with REST API and GraphQL with JWT security
* Used npm JavaScript modules and learned about many Web Development best practices;
EXPERIMENTA DAVIVIENDA - Mobile social networking application
Jun 2019 - Jun 2019
* The project that our team developed a mobile App based on Quasar and Firebase for population Generation Z and Millennials.
* I won the Plataforma de Experimenta during the first edition of Precampus 2019 - Hackathon at Banco Davivienda.
Jul 2018 - Feb 2019
Desarrollo de Sistema de organización y asignación de horario en SENA CEET.

- Trabajé en el equipo para desarrollar sistema de organización y asignación de horario para que los funcionarios SENA manejan asignación de horarios a los instructores y los aprendices búsqueda de horarios por ficha utilizando una interfaz basada en front-end CoreUI-Bootstrap 4, JQuery AJAX y un back-end PHP/MariaDB.

- Análisis, diseño y construye una base de datos para sistema de organización y asignación de horario con perfiles de usuarios.

Apache, MariaDB, PHP MVC/API, JavaScript, jQuery, CoreUI, Bootstrap 4, Node.js, Yarn, Composer, Unit Testing, Browser Testing, Web Design, Katalon, Git, PHPMailer, DataTables

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Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA)
Technologist specialized in application development for mobile devices, Software engineering
Jan 2020 - Dec 2020
Internet, Books, Blogs, Information Technology
Jan 2010 - Present
Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA)
Associate´s Degree, Software engineering
Jan 2016 - Dec 2019
National Service of Learning (SENA) - Regional Capital District. Bogota D.C., Colombia
PC Maintenance Technician, Labour Competence Certificate
Jan 2010 - Dec 2010
Dart & Introducción a Flutter
Nov 2021
Dart - from Novice to Expert Complete Course
Nov 2021
Pre-Flutter & Dart: Everything To Know Before You Start!
Nov 2021

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