Andrea Poltronieri
Bologna, Italy
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Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna
1 year 7 months
Bologna, Emilia-Romagna
Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science and Engineering
Nov 2021 - Jan 2023 (1 year 2 months)
Research Assisstant
May 2021 - Nov 2021 (6 months)
1 year 4 months
Bologna, Emilia-Romagna
Conversation Designer
Mar 2020 - May 2021 (1 year 2 months)
Conversation Designer
Jan 2020 - Mar 2020 (2 months)
Orchestra da Camera di Mantova
May 2018 - Sep 2018 (4 months)
Mantova Area, Italy
Event Planner

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Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna
Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Computer Science and Engineering
Jan 2021 - Dec 2023
University of Bologna
International Master's Degree, Digital Humanities and Digital Knowledge
Jan 2018 - Dec 2021
The programme curriculum spans a variety of subjects, aiming to hybridize and integrate skills and know-hows with an inter- and multi- disciplinary approach.
The programme covers three macro-areas of learning: computer science, literary, linguistic, historical/cultural and related to the arts in the digital context, complementary: economy, law and communication.
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Bachelor's Degree, Ciências Musicais
Jan 2017 - Dec 2018
Erasmus+ exchange, deepening of the ethnomusicological disciplines and new tecnologies applied to the muicological field.
University of Bologna
Bachelor's Degree, Drama, Art and Music Studies
Jan 2015 - Dec 2018
Thesis: Il “caso Gobatti”, un esempio di “fanatismo” nei Teatri d’opera italiani di fine Ottocento. Relator: Anna Scalfaro

The general objective of the programme is to provide basic training in the field of visual arts, cinema, music, theatre and media culture generally.
The programme sets out to train three basic professional figures: cultural operator in various fields involving the management of the artistic, cinematographic and musical heritage; operators working in the design, organisation and management of artistic events and entertainment in the visual arts, cinema, music and theatre; supplier of contents for the cultural industry, publishing, television and multimedia sectors.

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