Anmol Uppal
Bengaluru, India
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Bobble AI Technologies
Jul 2015 - Mar 2019 (3 years 8 months)
Gurugram, India
Research Engineer
Bobble Keyboard is a mobile keyboard application, which provides a smoother and intelligent keyboard experience in all major Indic languages(>20). It also enables you to create your own personalized stickers and gifs right inside the keyboard. My work involved making the performance critical aspects of application efficient and robust for resource constrained devices.
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Facial Caricature
Facial caricature technology was the USP of Bobble Keyboard, where users can create real time personalised content.

The first prototype was build in Python, which did automatic facial segmentation and caricature generation using OpenCV. Later the code was ported to Java(for Android). One of the biggest challenges in this project was to get relatively good caricature outputs in various lighting scenarios.

The project taught a lot of things about Software development, all the things that were taught in college, were finally coming together. I also learnt the value of working in a team. As without proper mentorship I would not be able to make this happen. Later I was introduced by our CEO as the creator of Bobble Head.
Opencv NDK Python C++ Java
Magic Dictionary a 4Kb Data structure to spell-check 1M oxford dictionary words
Open Source
Fastest and Smallest Data structure for Querying valid english words.
C++ Data Structures Algorithms
GPU GIF Encoder
The USP of the Bobble Keyboard is personalised GIF/stickers. To make the content more relevant, user also has a choice to change the text and head in the GIF/stickers. In case of GIF whenever user changes something, it takes a considerable amount of time to re-encode the GIF, approx. 2 seconds on average devices.

However we were using the fatest GIF encoder avaliable at that time, and also tried multi-threading but the results were not appealing.

Given the constrained environemnt(type of content in Bobble Keyboard), I developed a first of it's kind GPU enabled GIF encoder. The becnhmarks showed and improvement of 4x in GIF encoding time. However, this is not a universal solution and won't work for all GIFs, but this technique can be tweaked to get better results in other constrained environments as well.
OpenGL C++ NDK

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NIT srinagar
B.Tech, Computer Science
Jul 2011 - Jul 2015

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