Antonio Bakula
Zagreb, Croatia
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WEB Marketing d.o.o.
Dec 2009 - Jan 2022 (12 years 1 month)
Zagreb, Croatia
Board member, Part-owner, Head of Development
CTO c# scrum sql sqlite json rest api xml oop ajax webserver unit testing webapi mvc core visual studio ecmascript 6 jquery ui automated tests
Nova ICT
Mar 1998 - Dec 2009 (11 years 9 months)
Zagreb, Croatia
Software system designer
Delphi and some ASP.NET programming
delphi sql server unit testing xml oop database design
Komment d.o.o.
Jan 1994 - Apr 1997 (3 years 3 months)
Zagreb, Croatia
Junior software developer
Accounting applications written in clipper
clipper dbase assembly
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SQL Server Alias Switcher
Aug 2016 - Present
Windows application that set MS SQL Server alias(es) with predefined groups

Source at
Visual Studio List Debugger Visualizer
Feb 2013 - Present
VS Debugger Visualizer for Enumerable types, it shows whole list in grid control
Tečaj ekstenzija
Apr 2003 - Present
Firefox i Chrome ekstenzija koja prikazuje tečajnu listu i omogućava preračunavanje iznosa pomoću jednostavnog kalkulatora.

source code:
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X Gimnazija
SSS, Matematika - Informatika
Jan 1988 - Jan 1991
Professional Scrum Master I
Jul 2020

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