Arnab Sen
Durgapur, India
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Jan 2021 - Mar 2021 (2 months)
Student Intern
Selected for National Engineering Leadership Cadre for Public Service/CoronaSafe Engineering Fellowship Program by AICTE in association with Pupilfirst, for the batch of 2021 securing a position in the top 24 out of 50,452 applications.
ruby ruby on rails rescript nodeJS node tailwindcss tailwind rubygems rspec postgresql
Winter of Code
Dec 2020 - Jan 2021 (1 month)
Open Source Contributor
- Selected at the DSC-X organization for project OMG Frames.
- Worked as a backend web developer.
- Was chosen as the top contributor for the organisation.
Flask firebase python3 html css js rest api
Hollyface Overseas Recruitment & Placement Pvt. Ltd.
Aug 2020 - Sep 2020 (1 month)
Web Development Intern
- Developed a full stack MERN based website and deployed it to an Amazon light sail server.
- Collaborated and lead a team of 3.
- Involved in bug fixing.
ExpressJS ReactJS mongodb rest api firebase html tailwindcss js

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Website to PDF converter
Oct 2020 - Oct 2020
It takes the URL of a web-page and then converts the web page to a PDF file. Some of the existing website to pdf converter takes snapshots of the pages, thus makes it difficult to copy text, or edit the PDF. But here from the PDF generated one can copy the text, edit the PDF also the links in the page get embedded. Also, I was experimenting with neumorphic designs to create a simpler and more aesthetic looking UI.
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Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur
Bachelor's of Technology, Computer Science
Dec 2018 - Dec 2022
Hem Sheela Model School - India
Dec 2004 - Dec 2018
Docker Essentials
Jan 2021
Postman Student Expert
Jan 2021

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