Arslan Ameer
Senior Software Engineer at Synares Systems
Lahore, Pakistan

Senior Software Engineer with more than 5 years of proven leadership and meaningfully contributions to teams of varying size and scope. With my outcome driven mindset, I transformed by learning, seeking, and teaching new, efficient technologies to make aggressive deadlines consistently achievable. Experience in driving projects forward as the development team leader, facilitating projects from concept to send off. With emphasis on scalable and well-documented code, I look forward to working collaboratively as well as independently.

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Synares Systems
4 years 2 months
Lahore, Pakistan Current workspace
Currently Arslan Ameer supports the Synares Systems

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Senior Software Engineer
Mar 2021 - Present (3 years 1 month)
▪ Plan, drive, and collaborate with Engineering to build scalable new features in projects for our growing user base.
▪ Communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with clients and partners to acquire a deep understanding of needs and drive delivery of solutions.
▪ Brainstorm with Project Manager, Developers and Designers to conceptualize new features and products
▪ Help our skilled support and development team triage bugs and troubleshoot production issues
▪ Help our engineering teams set goals, estimate effectively, and meet and beat deadlines
▪ Mentor other engineers and help develop engineering best practices.
▪ Learn about new web technologies and discuss potential solutions to problems.
▪ Ensure a consistent user experience by standardizing UI components.
▪ Design, develop, modify, implement, and support software components anywhere in the Software stack.
▪ Automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting.
▪ Be thoughtful about quality, both in project design and codebase.
▪ Drive technology decisions around how we rapidly build better experiences.
▪ Work collaboratively with others to achieve goals.
▪ Be a persistent, creative problem ­solver.
▪ Remain cool and effective in a crisis.
▪ Stay on the leading edge of development practices.
▪ Passionate about great technologies, especially open source.
▪ Understand business needs and know how to create the tools to manage them.

Tech Stack: Angular 8+, AWS, Terraform, Linux, JIRA, Sentry, Docker, CircleCI, Django, Typescript, Bootstrap 4/5, TailwindCss, Sass/Less.
Angular aws docker docker compose javascript typescript html css scss jira CircleCI Django tailwindcss github
Angular Developer
Feb 2020 - Mar 2021 (1 year 1 month)
▪ Working on Angular 8+/AWS based WebApp project.
▪ Creating Reactive UI angular components.
▪ Creating, Recreating & Customizing UI Components based on Requirements.
▪ Writing business logic in Typescript.
▪ Consuming AWS Hosted APIs.
▪ Code writing, Code Fixing and Code Refactoring.
Technology Used: Angular 8+, AWS, Docker, Django, Typescript, HTML, Sass, Bootstrap4.
Angular aws typescript javascript tailwindcss
Busy Bee technologies
May 2019 - Apr 2020 (11 months)
Lahore, Pakistan
Front-End Developer
▪ Developed fully functional high-quality, responsive markup and templates (pixel perfect, cross browser compatible and W3C Valid), based on Business requirments that demonstrates an ability to balance design aesthetics with technical platform capabilities and limitations.
▪ Utilized HTML, CSS, Javascript, LESS, NPM, Node.js, Gulp, and Git for website development.
▪ Find and use Javascript/jQuery plug-ins according to needs of design which includes sliders, drop down menus etc.
▪ Optimize application or website for maximum speed and scalability.
▪ Automated image optimization, and minified JS and CSS using Gulp, which reduced page load times by up to 30%.
▪ Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
▪ Tested code in multiple browsers to ensure cross-browser compatability.
▪ Ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones.
▪ Workflow tools included: HTML5, CSS3,Less/Css, Bootstrap4,Javscript/jQuery, Micro/Macro Js Libraries, Gulp and Git. Visual Studio Code, PhotoShopCC-19, ShareX.
javascript gulp git github gitlab html css less bootstrap jquery
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Dec 2019 - Dec 2021
A Social platform to connect brands and consumers.
Angular aws javascript html css scss bootstrap
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The University of Lahore
Bacholer's Degree, Electrical, Electronics and Communicating Engineering
Aug 2010 - Jul 2014
Certified Front End Developer
Nov 2017
EVS Professional Training Institute
.NET Specialist
Apr 2016

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