István Beregszászi
Budapest, Hungary

Experienced Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working,

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DXC Technology
Feb 2023 - Dec 2023 (10 months)
Budapest, Hungary
Software Developer
Software Developer
c++ jira pl/sql sql oracle plsql confluence agile git gitlab scrum jenkins oop
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Sep 2022 - Mar 2023 (6 months)
Budapest, Hungary
Teaching Assistant
Hold Communication Networks I laboratory
ipv6 tcp/ip commication networks ipv4 ftp udp
Ferenc Rakoczy II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education
Mar 2003 - Mar 2023 (20 years)
Berehove, Zakarpattya
Teaching and Education
java html css javascript html5 css3 responsive design ajax jquery json rest api xml oop c++ c# python python3 database design numerical methods computer science

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Deploy a Website Course
May 2016 - May 2016
Codecademy Deploy a Website Course
html scss course deploy
Slim4 Framework Test
Aug 2020 - Aug 2020
Private Project
PHP Slim 4 Framework Test
php rest api slim framework sql json
Lazarus GUI Project With File Handling
Jun 2021 - Jun 2021
Lazarus GUI Project With File Handling
Lazarus Free Pascal GUI File Handling
This section lets you add any degrees or diplomas you have earned.
University of Debrecen
Doctor of Philosophy Absulotory (PhD), Mathematics and Computer Science
Jan 2007 - Jan 2010
Zakarpatian Institute of Agroindustrial Production of The National Academy Of Agrarian Sciences Of Ukraine
Doctor of Philosophy - PhD absolutory, Economics
Feb 1999 - Feb 2002
Uzhhorod National University
Specialist, Applied Mathematics
Sep 1993 - Jun 1998
Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and GitHub Pages Skill Path
Apr 2023
Learn C# Course
Apr 2023
Learn C#: Arrays and Loops Course
Apr 2023

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