Bernabe Posadas Jr
Imus, Philippines

Works on developing websites(mostly on back-end) and few apps using Power Platform(Power Apps Development)

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Buildsmart Homesupply Co
Jul 2019 - Aug 2020 (1 year 1 month)
Anabu 2-D, Philippines
IT Associate
- Arranges project requirements in programming sequence by analyzing requirements, preparing a workflow chart and diagram using knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, programming language and logic.
- Encodes project requirements by converting workflow information into computer language
- Maintains and confirms program operation by conducting test.
- Maintains Historical records by documenting program development and revisions
- Coordinates with IT Admin Officer for other IT related work task
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STI College Bacoor
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computer Science
Jun 2015 - May 2020

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