Bharat Kalluri
Bengaluru, India

A self motivated full stack developer with experience in a fast paced fintech startups. Proficient in Node JS, Typescript, Python, Pandas for data analysis, React, Redux and learning new programming languages like Golang and Ruby. Aim to solve problems using technology as a tool and learn new things in process. Feel free to contact me at

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Refyne India Full-time
Nov 2020 - Oct 2021 (11 months)
Bangalore Urban, India
Software Engineer at Refyne India
Product engineer working on making EWA the norm in India
typescript mongodb NestJS aws python3 aws lambda pandas ReactJS
JiT Finco Full-time
Mar 2020 - Oct 2020 (7 months)
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Software Engineer
python3 Django ReactJS react router Redux Saga Redux Thunk celery postgresql
Shubh Loans Full-time
Aug 2018 - Mar 2020 (1 year 7 months)
Bengaluru Area, India
Full-stack Developer
- Worked on and managed a highly scalable and concurrent credit decisions system using Python running on AWS Lambdas.
- Developed a rule engine in Python to automate credit decisions.
- Developed an agent management system from scratch using Python, React and Redux, Postgres for the database. Hosted on AWS Infra.
- Worked on several business critical Integrations with third parties
- Developed a system to transfer data from S3 to athena compatible data stores for further data analysis using Python
mongodb python3 pandas ReactJS Redux aws aws lambda

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Mail Sanitizer
Nov 2019 - Present
A minimal command line utility to clean up your inbox by bulk deleting emails by sender and unsubscribing by sender. Written in python.
Oct 2018 - Present
A website showcasing all the extensions I wrote for a launcher for linux called Albert ( , All the extensions displayed on the website are written for making my life easier.
The extensions are writtten using python and the website is written in React and uses github API. Hosted on netlify.
Jul 2018 - Aug 2018
A GIF Creator made for linux, A GTK based Linux application with more than 6000 users. Available on elementary OS, written using Vala (a derivative language of C).

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Satyabhama University
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Computer Science
Jan 2014 - Jan 2018
Machine Learning Basics Nanodegree, Computer Science
Jan 2017 - Jan 2018
A Nanodegree program offered by Udacity. The course teaches machine learning(Supervised and unsupervised) using Python.

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