Yegor Stetsiura
Javascript Developer, js, react.js at Daxx Software Development Teams in Ukraine
Kharkiv, Ukraine

I am engaged in front-end development. I'm a freelancer. I have big experience making responsive layout of Web pages according to psd-files and enriching it with necessary behavior and dynamics. I also have experience doing redesign and maintenance of the client part of existing websites.

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Daxx Software Development Teams in Ukraine
Oct 2019 - Present (2 years 10 months)
Kharkiv, Ukraine Current workspace
Currently Yegor Stetsiura supports the Daxx Software Development Teams in Ukraine

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Javascript Developer, js, react.js
Roles: developer, code reviewer.
Refactoring of old code base, rewrite old code using modern technologies (node.js + react.js)
javascript react.js node.js xslt php css
Hyperion Tech
Sep 2017 - Sep 2019 (2 years)
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Senior Frontend Developer, js, Wordpress
Roles: developer, code reviewer, trainer, interviewer.
javascript wordpress css php scss gulp.js vue.js webpack
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Continuing Education Online Service
Oct 2019 - Present
Old code base (more than 20 years), I refactor the code, inject modern technologies step by step
javascript nodeJS ReactJS xslt php xml
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National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute"
Specialist, Electrical physics
Aug 2000 - Feb 2006
Physical-Technical Department. Technics and Electrical Physics of High Voltage
H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University
Master of Science, Management
Aug 2010 - Jul 2011
Management of educational institution, diploma with honors.

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