Bryan White
Berlin, Germany

I started my technical journey by working in technical support on a system administration track for an IT consulting company. I've since specialized around development and DevOps. I've worked for companies in e-commerce, ad-tech, cryptocurrency, object storage, and privacy and security sectors. My core competencies include: full-stack and cross-platform development, distributed systems design, test automation, database, systems, and network administration, and agile workflow methodologies.

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Jan 2023 - Jan 2024 (1 year)
Senior Protocol Engineer
* Re-architecting the "V1" P2P module, and integrating kademlia DHT-based peer discovery.
* Engaging in roll-up research and experimentation during the transition from “V1” to “Shannon”.
* Breaking ground on “Shannon”, emphasizing development on:
- Channel-backed, generic observer/observable concurrency primitives in golang.
- Off-chain “relayminer” CLI and business logic; see: “relay mining” paper.
- On-chain claim/proof lifecycle; based on sparse Merkle sum trie cryptographic primitives.
- In-memory network test utilities for integration testing.
* Documenting, Implementing, and improving the Pocket Network protocol.
* Contributing to team process review and development, as well as process automation.
Cosmos-SDK Rollkit cucumber go Protobuf gossipsub libp2p grpc kubernetes docker Tilt Celestia
1 year
Lead Software Engineer
Jul 2022 - Jan 2023 (6 months)
On the "network" side of Fetch, products are rarely end-user facing but instead support other development teams, both internal but also external to Fetch.

Managed a team of 5, responsible for engineering and project management of our:
- Distributed ledger (cosmos-sdk, go, protobuf, CosmWasm, rust, WebAssembly)
- Ledger indexer (TypeScript / JS, Postgraphile, Node, Python, k8s, helm)
- Network bridges (Python, CosmWasm, rust)
- Ledger explorer front-end(s) (TypeScript, NextJS / React / Redux)

Led development on greenfield ledger indexer using, and extending, the SubQuery indexing framework. This project was intended to replace our previous generation indexer with the goal of being more performent and maintainable.

Notable design features include:
- Forward compatibility of existing data with new entities (i.e. new entities can always be reconstructed from existing data).
- Genesis processing mechanism to expose genesis data to the indexer (Python, ReactiveX).
- Migration workflow / integration to expedite deployments (graphile/migrate, SQL, PLV8).
- End-to-end tracing support (OpenTelemetry, SigNoz).
- Support for ordering on related fields (Postgraphile).
postgraphile reactivex postgresql cosmos-sdk google cloud docker compose docker ci/cd testing GraphQL nodeJS python go typescript svelte cockroachDB
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Jan 2022 - Jul 2022 (6 months)
Responsible for full-stack feature development and maintenance on several DApps:
- A few generations of block explorers using multiple toolchains (TypeScript, MeteorJS, NextJS / React / Tailwind).
- The token reconciliation contract and UI (NextJS / React, TypeScript, CosmWasm). This is a workaround for an edge case which was encountered (before my time) during migration of ERC20 tokens to the new native tokens (1:1), it must support the long tail of impacted users.
- Chrome extension based ledger wallet, originally forked from keplr wallet (NextJS / React, Typescript), extended to include many features including additional, custom native extensions for BLS12-381 (TypeScript / JS, Emscripten, BLST / blst-ts).
- Full-stack React DApp template to help with developer engagement (React, Node, CosmWasm, create-react-app)

In addition, responsible for documenting both new and existing software architectures, participating in and presenting to industry working groups, research and development on distributed identity tools, and facilitating sprint retrospectives.
cosmos-sdk cosmwasm ReactJS go tendermint IBC WebAssembly rust typescript next.js Redux python MeteorJS solidity docker kubernetes helm create-react-app
Least Authority
1 year 4 months
Berlin, Germany
Tech Lead
May 2021 - Jan 2022 (8 months)
Led a product development team of 5 to realize native and WebAssembly binding libraries and graphical front-ends (native and web/hybrid) to provide a solid user experience for file transfer via the Magic Wormhole protocol.

Full-stack, cross-platform development (flutter, ionic/vue/capacitor/electron, typescript, WebAssembly, C, go, python), software architecture, cloud architecture (AWS, terraform, ansible, docker), systems administration, and project management for multiple open source, grant-funded software projects / products.
WebAssembly Ionic flutter VueJS python docker Terraform ansible typescript go dart jest cypress capacitor electron c aws
Security researcher and engineer
Sep 2020 - May 2021 (8 months)
Responsible for software security auditing on behalf of our clients, typically of a blockchain, web 3, and/or general distributed systems nature.

Participated in 10 audits and 1 design review over the course of 10 months.

Developed multiple fuzz/property-based testing workflows and tooling integrations for use in security auditing (JavaScript, go).
code review static analysis fuzz testing python docker typescript go dart capacitor c aws javascript solidity js-fuzz go-fuzz gofuzz AFL libfuzzer electronegativity electron

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