Cédric Delpoux
Toulouse, France

Open-source developper

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Sep 2014 - Oct 2020 (6 years 1 month)
Toulouse, France
Front-end web developer
OverBlog is the first hosted blogging service in Europe. It's a high traffic platform with more than 120 million unique visitors month, with 3 million blogs created, and 50k active users per day.

I developed a modern back office to help people manage their blogs, write posts and customize blogs themes using:
- ES6
- ReactJs
- GraphQL
- Relay
- CSS modules
- Webpack
- Redux
- Redux form
- Git

Next, we improved the backoffice UI / UX using:
- ESNext
- ReactJs
- Apollo
- GraphQL
- Styled-components
- Styled-system
- React-final-form

We added functional testing using:
- Jest
- Puppeteer

And I also developed modern and responsive blogs themes using:
- Html 5
- Css 3
- Javascript
ReactJS GraphQL Styled Components

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