Carlos Villarroel
Chief Product & Technology Officer at Rindegastos
Santiago, Chile

I am the CTO at Rindegastos. I completed a Diploma in Strategic Leadership and a Master in Data Science. Passionate about technology, developer in Typescript, Javascript and Python. I work with MongoDB and MySQL. Currently developing Microservices with the NestJS framework in the back-end and Angular in the front-end, supported with Docker and AWS. Also some development in Ionic.

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Currently Carlos Villarroel supports the Rindegastos

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Chief Product & Technology Officer
Jul 2022 - Present (2 years)
Lead the Technology and Product area of the company, propose and develop work methodologies, charge structures and service architecture, among others. Ensure that the company remains at the forefront of technology. Develop with a focus on the product, implementing the best practices in UI/UX, highlighting the importance of Product development and the impact for customers.
Jan 2021 - Jul 2022 (1 year 6 months)
Lead the Technological area of ​​the company, propose and develop work methodologies, job structures and service architecture, among others. Keep the company at the forefront of technology by detecting and studying new platforms and development technologies to implement and improve permanently and allow us to grow and support millions of expenses and user interactions connected to the platform. In addition, I participate in sales processes of integration services or custom developments to Rindegastos clients.
IT Manager
May 2019 - Dec 2020 (1 year 7 months)
Leading the Technology and Informatics (IT) team; develop and implement improvements, generate new microservices developments with agile methodologies. Migrate to new technologies. Backend development in Javascript-Typescript in the NestJs framework. Front-end development with ReactJs. Architecture development and maintenance on AWS. Data analysis and generation of new opportunities applying Data Science with Python.
typescript NestJS Angular aws
Great Place To Work
2 years 3 months
Santiago, Chile
IT Project Manager
Nov 2018 - May 2019 (6 months)
In project management in the IT area. Platform development and DW implementation for large-scale data analysis.
Jul 2017 - Oct 2019 (2 years 3 months)
In people management in climate and organizational culture. Responsible for management and diagnostic processes of climate and organizational culture. Accompaniment and strategic support to organizations in their cultural transformation, through their business, objectives and proposed challenges, by detecting opportunities for improvement identified with a quantitative and qualitative diagnosis and analysis of information.
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Serverless NestJS
Jul 2020 - Present
NestJS Serverless Project
Typescript Serverless AWS aws aws lambda Javascript MongoDB Lambda
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Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
IT Industrial Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering
Mar 2011 - Mar 2016
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Diploma of Adaptive Leadership, Leadership
Aug 2016 - Dec 2016
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Master in Data Science, Data Science
Nov 2018 - May 2020
A Cloud Guru
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Mar 2020
Nestjs Zero to Hero
Oct 2019
Data Camp
Data Scientist with Python Track
Oct 2018

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