Chamara Gunarathne
Kandy, Sri Lanka

I'm a Computer Engineering graduate with creative insight into the field of web development, machine learning and data science. I'm also passionate about the state of the art technologies related to web development and UI/UX projects. My main interests lie in integrating machine learning frameworks with web applications.

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Bueno Inc
Sep 2020 - Nov 2021 (1 year 2 months)
Full Stack Engineer
I have worked on Web development-related projects for tourist sites and Marketing automation.
ReactJS python3 spring boot typescript twilio wordpress sql php html css bootstrap java javascript jquery aws
Creative Software
Mar 2019 - Jul 2019 (4 months)
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Computer Engineering Trainee
I worked with a team. Name of their product is Wint it is a financial management system. What they did is maintain and develop Wint product. In there I contributed to three main tasks. First one is there are some test cases they wrote but they won't pass, try to find why those fail and change those test cases. The second one is writing a program to extract vat value and a percentage value of receipt image. The third one is writing test cases for quotation story class.
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Jun 2019 - Aug 2020
GeNet is designed carefully targeting a wide range of users. Bio informaticians, researchers, computer scientists, statistical analysts, etc
can use the application without prior knowledge in other fields. It provides a hassle-free and interactive user experience that makes the
analysis process much simpler and enjoyable. GeNet provides many analysis steps including different techniques for pre-processing,
visualization, modeling, prediction, and validation of the results with a user-friendly GUI.
python3 Flask ReactJS sklearn jupyter notebook numpy pandas data analysis matplotlib data science machine learning keras
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University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Bachelor's degree, Computer Engineering
Dec 2015 - Jul 2020
Operating Systems
Software Architecture
Data Structures & Algorithms
Machine Learning & Data mining
Graph theory
Embedded Systems
Network Security
Project Management

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