Chandan Singh
Melbourne, Australia
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Honeycomb Media Pty Ltd
Nov 2016 - Jul 2020 (3 years 8 months)
Melbourne, Australia
Software Engineer

• Requirements gathering from Brauz business unit through discussion and for clients through consultation.

• Developing specifications functional design documents and technical design for applications.

• Analysing and identifying suitable technologies, frameworks, architectures and algorithms to meet requirements.

• Design and develop new programs using XCode, SWIFT, python, PHR Ruby on Rails and Java as per requirements

• Recommend new Mobile designs and implement best practices in the Mobile applications

• Analyze raw data and retrieve information

• Design and development of database structures, porting data from cloud and hosting data services

• Building Big Data pipelines for data collection, cleansing, analysing and working within different Brauz teams

• Develop API’s on AWS Lambda using serverless architecture

• Manage AWS instances and local servers

• Transforming data models into working applications by deploying through the use of containerization microservices and serverless architecture.

• Test and debug the product for quality and efficiency

• Preparing detailed operational documents for applications
swift python3 mongodb aws aws lambda java nosql ios docker git rest api
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RMIT University
Bachelor of IT, Application Programming
Jul 2013 - Jul 2016

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