Chetan Mittal
Bengaluru, India

I am a senior polyglot web developer having 18+ experience in designing and developing software products with educational qualification from RMIT University, University of Queensland, Scrum, Udemy, etc. I am currently looking for work 100% Remote. Tech Skills:- Ruby on Rails, Ruby-Lang, Javascript, Typescript, VueJS, AlpineJS, Tailwind CSS, HotwireJS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DevOps, Agile, SCRUM, ERPNext, etc. Business Skills:- Product Conceptualization, Product Management, Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Business Development, Accounting, etc.

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Krew Healthcare Services
Sep 2019 - Mar 2020 (6 months)
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer
- Headed full web application development for an upcoming startup from Gurgaon, India in healthcare industry
- Ruby on Rails v6, Multitenant, GrapesJS, PostgreSQL, Digitalocean
- Patientpop clone for India
PostgreSQL Ruby Ruby on Rails
ASR Exports Pvt Ltd
Apr 2013 - Mar 2017 (3 years 11 months)
Mangalore, India; Dubai
Chief Technology Officer
ASR Exports Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of Agri and Metal products having operations in Mangalore, Ahmedabad, and Dubai. As the Technology Head I headed a team of 5+ Software Engineers and QAs to help the operations teams scale production by using technology.

- Implemented and maintained ERPNext to help manufacturing, product, and delivery teams produce Agri products at scale
- Developed and maintained an internal application in Ruby on Rails v4 to manage 100+ grades of Cashew Nuts produced in 10+ outsourced factories
- Hosted and maintained apps on multiple VPS cluster @ Linode
Ruby Ruby on Rails
Sep 2009 - Nov 2009 (2 months)
Lagos, Nigeria
Ruby on Rails Trainer
- Ruby on Rails Training
Ruby Ruby on Rails

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Great Learning
Introduction to DevOps
Sep 2022 - Sep 2022
University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Continuous Delivery & DevOps - by Alexander Cowan, DevOps
Sep 2022 - Sep 2022
Vue - The Complete Guide (incl. Router and Composition API)
Sep 2022 - Sep 2022
Complete Vue Mastery 2022 (Pinia, Composition API, Vitest)
Sep 2022 - Sep 2022
Mt Eliza Business School
Graduate Diploma in Business Management (MBA), Business Administration and Management, General
Apr 2004 - Mar 2005
RMIT University
Graduate Diploma in Systems Software Engineering, Computer Software Engineering
Jul 2000 - Jun 2001
Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
Bachelors in Computer Applications, Computer Software and Media Applications
Aug 1997 - Jul 2000
Complete Vue Mastery 2022 (Pinia, Composition API, Vitest)
Sep 2022
Continuous Delivery & DevOps
Sep 2022
Introduction to DevOps
Sep 2022

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