Christian Vivas Santiago
Maracay, Venezuela
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Aug 2016 - Jul 2020 (3 years 11 months)
At the discretion, the names of the clients are removed, but throughout all these 4 years I have worked in various systems such as:
In March to May (2016): with PHP with WordPress (2016)
In August 2016: make an ETL with Spring (2016) using an ETL (Pentaho Data Integration)+MongoDB+Javascript+apollo Broker MQ+queue system
In December 2016: Work with ExtJS 6.0
In January to August of 2017 Yii2 (2017) (a confidential project of the internal box for a business), this project handles data related to bank and personal information which must be purged before being exposed, it is done with PHP Yii2 framework and manages bootstrap, data tables, ExtJs
In August 2017 to December 2017 I worked in Bogotá, Colombia (onSite) for a CIBER or INTERNET that was also an interRapidisimo
In February, March and April with another company that manages Spring MVC (MAVEN) to do a CRM for a client who in turn worked for government entities.
In June and July Laravel (2018), I worked on a system (CMS) similar to TRIVAGO (again, sensitive information cannot be exposed) the page was created with the Spanish group
In September 2018 to March 2019 (ERP) I was hired by a company in Valencia, Carabobo (full discretion), to make an android system for basic inventory, which in turn had a C # module to connect to Microsoft Dynamics
In April 2019 to August 2019 I was hired by a retail company (ERP), in Chacao, Caracas focused on sales forces as an ONSITE freelance
In December 2019 to June 2020 I was hired by another company (this time this company was totally out of the country), to work online to make an android system from API 26 to API 28 with material design and all the techniques that could be found with RxAndroid / RxJava, oriented towards banking, it focuses on showing the balance and other basic operations and in addition to granting credits based on its usability. For now, I do not belong to the topic there are no tests except the code and my skill.
php android Java PHP laravel mongodb java java ee Java Spring ExtJS 6.0 Angular Node Yii2 Yii2 plugins Yii2 Auth bootstrap node javascript Pentaho Data Integration Kettle ETL Apollo Broker MQ queue activemq-apollo android java android retrofit2 RxAndroid/RxJava websockets RESTful services material design for android
University Institute of Technology "Laura Evangelista Alvarado Cardozo"
Nov 2015 - Aug 2016 (9 months)
Maracay, Venezuela
Computer Science Teacher
Teacher at a Universitary level in:
.-Learning to Programming (Structured Programming)
.-Programming I
.-Web Programming
.-Analysis and Design of Systems
.-Systems Audit
.-Computer Science and Networking
.-Data Base
php design patterns HTML+CSS+JS mysql
Soluziona SP C.A. American KPO
Sep 2014 - Jul 2015 (10 months)
Caracas, Venezuela
Senior Programmer at Indra Company
Java EE, Framework: Spring
Using the Eclipse Suite Helios for building the HTML, CSS3, Javascript and XML. All across a SVN Remote Server
Service Oriented Application (SOA). Implementation and design of Web Service under the specification JAX-RS. We were consuming the data from a JAX-Web Service under XML which is SOAP(this last technology was only for reading it).
Some of the products used in the Project using the SCRUM methodology and delivered in parts (Sprint's) which was:
jQuery, HTML5, JUnit, Apache Maven, WSLT, Log4J, AspectJ, Hibernate, Apache CXF, Spring roo and so on.
Architectonic Design for the Development of the Modular Software, using design patters like Facade
spring spring boot thymeleaf maven bootstrap jquery javascript scrum microservices SOA SOAP rest api Facade singleton java Java Spring tomcat IBM WEBSPHERE design patterns

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Instituto Universitario de Tecnología de Administración Industrial
Tecnico Superior Universitario en Informática, computer programming
Apr 2006 - Feb 2010

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