Christopher Kirk Jones
Las Vegas, United States

Dedicated Designer. Passionate Programmer. Chronic Creator.

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Credit One Bank
2 years 1 month
Las Vegas, Nevada
Senior Web Development Manager
Sep 2020 - Oct 2021 (1 year 1 month)
A Senior Development Manager is responsible for leading a development team which is focused on the design, integration and implementation of enterprise-level software applications. The Senior Development Manager functions as the leader of teams responsible for technical design both in regards to new projects and the migration of legacy applications to current technologies. In this position, they must have the knowledge and ability to drive the development team to the next level of efficiency and scalability.
ReactJS nodeJS scss ExpressJS strapi storybook react router axios styled-components nextjs mongoose mysql
Senior Graphic Designer
Sep 2019 - Sep 2020 (1 year)
The Senior Graphic Designer is responsible for taking print and digital creative projects from concept to completion with minimal direction and guidance.Works closely with the Director of Creative Services to ensure projects are on-brand while managing, mentoring and coaching other designers on the team.Collaborates with cross-functional team to develop, design, and launch products that support the brand voice and strategy.Tackles projects holistically to ensure consistency of materials across various marketing channels.

Responsible for developing marketing campaigns through various channels such as direct mail, e-mail, video, motion graphics and social media to attract and retain customers
Evaluate campaigns again performance metrics
Collaborate with key stakeholders from across the Bank
Share finding in PowerPoint presentations with conclusions and recommendations for senior management
Responsible for the quality and accuracy of creative materials
Ensures the timely coordination and completion of projects
Perform other duties as assigned
ReactJS xd VueJS html css nodeJS sass gulp npm git scss nodejs photoshop adobe illustrator react router responsive design axios figma
iRecon Marketing
May 2017 - Mar 2018 (10 months)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Lead Designer & Developer
Responsible for leading a marketing team with graphic/web designing and developing for 4 major eCommerce stores: 310 Nutrition, Beachwood Essentials, Kashmere Collections, & Poshbox

Designed & Developed website landing pages, product pages, and UI/UX optimization in Shopify and Wordpress. Created and optimized automated & promotional product emails to generate sales.

Designed for promotion graphics, product images, created Facebook & Google Display ads (Static, Animated, & Video), designed social media posts (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook), designed emails, etc.
XD Shopify frontend development wordpress google analytics adwords seo javascript jquery adobe photoshop css3 html5 responsive design scss
Rubino Marketing Company
Jul 2013 - May 2017 (3 years 10 months)
Las Vegas Area, Nevada
Senior Graphic Designer
Was hired as a graphic designer and grew to a senior position where i managed a creative marketing team of designers and marketers. Generated new ideas for clients as well as executed them anywhere from design to marketing to on-site directing for commercial shoots. Duties included and not limited to


Creative Directing
Graphic Design
Print Design
Logo Design
Web Design & Development
Video Shooting
Video Editing
Motion Graphics
Tracking Implementation
Problem Solving
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing Management & Strategy
wordpress php shopify javascript css html sass responsive design

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Lazer Ladies Gifts and Awards
Oct 2013 - Present
Passionate custom gifts and awards experts that use fearless creativity
and innovationto commemorate meaningful events in customers lives.
May 2020 - Present
InThisOrder is a Priority Task List For Kids Created For Parents! Boost Your Child’s Productivity And Reward Them Along the Way. Written in ReactJS
Mar 2012 - Present
Equippd is an online ministry that brings believers of Christ from all around who is striving to look more and more like Christ with the way they live their lives. We are committed to keeping the body of Christ unified as one as we are called to do through trainings, resources, and community.

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University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Bachelor’s Degree, Graphic Design
Dec 2007 - Dec 2011
Graphic Designer, Video Editor
Learning GraphQL
Sep 2020
Certificate of Completion: PHP Course
Oct 2016

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