Zilvinas Vilutis
San Diego, United States

Experienced Staff Software Engineer with expertise in a variety of tech stacks and 18 years of experience. Proficient in Java, Spring Boot, Golang, SQL and NoSQL databases, Kafka, Pub/Sub, Kubernetes, Git, and more. Skilled in estimation, managing expectations, and working with people. Enjoy hands-on coding, XP, and mentoring less experienced engineers. Currently employed at Intuit.

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Jul 2021 - Feb 2024 (2 years 7 months)
San Diego, United States
Staff Software Engineer
• Actively participated in the replatforming of a monolith application into microservices, contributing to the creation of RESTful and GraphQL APIs using GoLang, Kotlin, and Java. Collaboratively engineered a high-throughput system capable of servicing billions of transactions per day, achieving enhanced scalability and agility.
• Oversaw the entire development cycle, from requirements to implementation, testing, and deployment of Eventing (pub/sub) services. Utilized a robust tech stack, including Apache Pulsar, Kafka, S3, and Data Lake technologies, achieving a highly scalable deployment to AWS Lambda, capable of handling up to a billion events per day with efficiency and reliability.
• Proactively engaged in mentoring team members, facilitating the implementation of code infrastructure solutions, and conducting comprehensive code reviews to uphold quality standards and foster continuous improvement.
• Led cross-team collaboration to design and implement multiple Government ID Verification providers. Enabled Intuit to assess various providers through experimentation and A/B testing, optimizing the selection process for enhanced performance and user experience.
• Guided development of a high-throughput Customer Device Management service, enabling users to self-service their devices, log out, and mark devices as untrusted. Implemented customer notifications to proactively mitigate Account Takeovers (ATOs), significantly enhancing security measures.
java golang aws lambda kotlin spring boot aws kafka pulsar
Grid Dynamics
Aug 2016 - Jun 2021 (4 years 10 months)
San Francisco, United States
Senior Software Engineer
• Orchestrated technical leadership and support for Release Management & Operations, steering offshore development teams.
• Provided consultative expertise in infrastructure, deployment architecture, and design. Proactively identified and resolved site stability issues, contributing to continuous improvement.
• Ensured heightened performance, stability, and resilience of the search engine on and, deployed across hundreds of server nodes.
• Orchestrated infrastructure and integration changes, elevating the catalog size for Search by 4x, accomplishing a remarkable 10x increase in Transactions Per Second (TPS), and implementing intelligent search index replication across hundreds of nodes for enhanced system efficiency.
• Designed and collaborated with development and site reliability teams to implement and integrate cluster management and service discovery for Apache Solr. Achieved an 80% reduction in production issues related to server health, demonstrating a significant enhancement in system stability.
java solr cassandra spring boot microservices git gcp mockito kafka
EIS Group Ltd
Feb 2006 - Jul 2016 (10 years 5 months)
San Francisco, United States
Solutions Architect
• Ascended from Test Automation Engineer to Java Developer and culminated as a Solutions Architect during a decade-long tenure at EIS Group Ltd, San Francisco, CA.
• Designed and implemented a flexible product architecture that seamlessly accommodates highly varied requirements specific to each US state. This innovative solution not only streamlined implementation, deployment, and maintenance processes but also significantly reduced time-to-market, resulting in substantial cost savings by at least 50% per product per state.
• Leveraged my OOP and math skills to restructure policy premium and billing invoice prorating code, offering flexibility for client-specific adaptations, including pay-per-mile. Achieved improved accuracy and delivered cost savings for end users.
• Spearheaded the redesign of the personal property insurance policy domain for group insurance integration, incorporating R&D in efficient large file processing through streaming for rapid import of group policy users.
• Utilized my collaboration skills to guide and mentor client engineers, facilitating a seamless knowledge transfer and enabling a smooth transition of support responsibilities to the clients.
• Applied my leadership skills to provide robust technical support to Agile development teams. Mentored team members, conducted thorough code reviews, and ensured the implementation of top-notch performance, security, and other non-functional requirements aligning with company-wide architecture standards.
java spring hibernate jpa servlet jsf mercurial svn jdbc tomcat maven spring security
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Vilnius Tech - Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science - Engineering Informatics
Sep 2003 - Jul 2007

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