Chris Rebstock
Director of Engineering at Inmar
Austin, United States
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Dec 2014 - Present (7 years)
Austin, United States Current workspace
Currently Chris Rebstock supports the Inmar

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Director of Engineering
Kotlin, NodeJS, Serverless Python, Cloudformation, DynamoDB, Java
Clarus Agency
Mar 2007 - Dec 2014 (7 years 9 months)
Austin, United States
Partner / Co-founder - Technical Director
I co-founded Clarus Agency in 2007 with the belief that my partners and I had what it took to run a successful company. We started with a heavy emphasis on web development and animation. As our relationships grew, our projects became more engineering heavy. We found ourselves doing more server-side work, as well as branching into more web and desktop development. One of the co-founders coined the phrase: "All things digital for cash", which was an accurate description of the deliverables our company was creating. If it was possible, we would find a way to develop it.

My main contribution to Clarus was leadership on the technology side. I worked directly with clients to help them make major technical decisions on their projects. I also acted as a sales engineer, helping the sales team to turn qualified leads into scoped deals. Over time I gained experience in scoping, quoting, negotiating and managing projects for major clients like Cisco, RetailMeNot, AMD, Emerson and GameStop.

On the development side I became interested in Android prior to the release of the Nexus One, and I helped push the company in the direction of being a serious mobile development shop. I led all of the Android projects produced by Clarus as well as writing most of the Android code produced by the company. When a project called for Android I made sure that I was involved in every aspect of it.

In December of 2014, after 8 years in business, our company was acquired by Inmar. I'm proud of the company I helped create and the work we've done. This was the first company I co-founded and I don't plan on it being the last.
kotlin java javascript nodejs ObjectiveC
Somnio Solutions, Inc.
Jul 2003 - Jan 2007 (3 years 6 months)
Austin, United States
Software Engineer
Somnio Solutions began as a concept around improving PowerPoint presentations through the use of professionally designed media. I was originally hired to help with animation, compositing and to help set a direction for any eventual software efforts. It was a very young company with just a few employees. We all worked extremely hard to grow the company into a multi-million dollar interactive agency offering a mix of deliverables centered around video and the web. My role was primarily leading the engineering efforts on individual projects, working directly with clients to make technology decisions and then writing the code.
Flash Flex Javascript After Effects Premiere

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