Kirill Pinchuk
Minsk, Belarus
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WANNA Full-time
Aug 2020 - Jun 2021 (10 months)
Team Lead
Organizing teamwork of backend and frontend team
Some extra as a DevOps
devops ci/cd python
Perfectlabel, Inc. Full-time
Nov 2019 - Jun 2021 (1 year 7 months)
Chief Technology Officer
The company specializes in computer vision. Wide range of technical and organizational activities, from infrastructure to development processes.

* Dev stack: python, javascript (react), pytorch, django/drf
* Infrastructure: AWS, terraform, docker
* Flutter/Dart/pytorch mobile for mobile application

Some non-standard solutions:
* Custom dataset processing tool: we couldn't use existing BB/segmentation tools. So did it with react + konva for frontend visualization and django for the backend
* Flutter for mobile: better testing support than appium, easier multiplatform (android + ios) development than react-native, also easier to connect to existing native libs/sdk (pytorch mobile in our case)
AWS Computer vision Django Docker Flutter JavaScript Python ReactJS React Native
Nov 2015 - Nov 2019 (4 years)
Solutions Architect
There are three main branches of my responsibilities here

Technical management - establish and support development processeses (e2e testing automation, CI, review and release processes), architecture design, code review, switching to react and react-native, team building and education, open sourcing some staff here

Backend development - we're using django-rest-framework, asyncio, postgresql, rabbitmq and some other fancy things like docker-based microservices. We've switched to 'test everything' approach and this helped us to make quite big migrations, like mysql -> postgresql, python2 -> python3 and helps us with further updates.

Infrastructure support and development - we're relying on aws for our basic infrastructure, initial pre-setup and management with ansible, monitoring with prometheus and grafana, ELK for log collection, gitlab-ce as internal git server and for CI, docker for everything.
There are some tricky things here, like testing in virtualized osx environment or usage of spot-instances.
AWS Django Docker MySQL PostgreSQL Python ReactJS React Native

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Action Applier
Service for charge users with various game stuff.
My role: core developer, implementation from scratch, design and etc.
Backend API
Internal API proxy written in Erlang (hot code upgrades, cowboy, etc). Implementation of map-reduce with timeout aimed to ease configuration and requests parallelization.
IGR worker
Service written in erlang for integration with internet game rooms (aimed for asia region)
Role: core developer

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Belarusian State University
Bachelor of Science - BS, Chemistry, Farmaceutical Chemistry
Jan 2004 - Jan 2009

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