Darshankumar Hosamani
Belgaum, India

Currently working as a Assistant Systems Engineer - Trainee, at Tata Consultancy Services - India.Interested to work on ideas that solves problems using Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Open for discussions about tech and gadgets.

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Tata Consultancy Services
Nov 2020 - Jan 2022 (1 year 2 months)
Bengaluru, India
Assistant System Engineer
python sql snowflake python etl bigdata snowflake teradata data science
Abhaati AR
Jan 2020 - Mar 2020 (2 months)
Belagavi, Karnataka
Student Intern
• I worked in a team of 2, following the agile method for our project.
• We Built a Pothole classifier model using the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) with Python and Keras package.
• Optimized classification model for cloud usage and low compute devices.
cloud Python machine learning machine learning python anaconda jupyter notebook data science numpy data visualization deep learning pandas data analysis
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Prediction of Epileptic Seizures using Machine Learning
Jul 2019 - Aug 2020
As a part of my Academic Final Project, Here we worked on a novel approach to predict the occurrences of recurrent seizures in
a patient. The analysis is done by identifying the seizure waves patterns in ‘Preictal’ EEG
(Electroencephalography) Signals received from ‘Muse Headband’. The patient will be
alerted in early about the onset of seizures.
Convolution Neural Network based Pothole Identification
Jan 2020 - Mar 2020
As a part of the internship project, A CNN model was developed using ‘Keras' with the help
of image processing techniques using OpenCV-3 Library, which was able to classify the
images of roads with potholes and without potholes. The model can be used in other projects
as a potholes recognition module.

Technologies used: Python, Keras, and OpenCV 3 libraries for python, and Google cloud for training.
Grievance Portal
Aug 2019 - Dec 2019
Grievance portal is the platform based on web technology which primarily aims to enable submission of grievances by the aggrieved citizens from anywhere and anytime (24x7). This project is a way to manage and solve the complaints of the customers more easily and conveniently. The administrator and the concerned authorities can view all the complaints on the platform as well as their details and take the relevant actions.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and MySQL
Data Engineering with Google Cloud
May 2020

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