David Domkář
Hradec Kralove, Czechia

I am a software developer student specializing mainly in web development (frontend/backend) and mobile application development. I also enjoy doing game dev as a hobby. I like working on interesting projects as well as learning new technologies.

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May 2020 - Aug 2021 (1 year 3 months)
Game Developer
Working on "Rise of Pilgrims" - a hobby mobile game project which aims to be released one day. The work on it started as my final graduation project for school.

The goal of this project is to create an „endless runner“ arcade mobile game in which the players
are trying to get their in-game character to the highest place in the global leaderboard. In
addition to the mobile application with the game, there is a web administration where the game
admins can edit each player’s values, block players or display statistics about the game.

The technologies I used for this project:

Mobile game app: Flutter, Dart
Backend: Firebase (Cloud Firestore - database, Cloud Functions, Authentication)
Web administration: Nuxt.js, Vuetify, Vue, TypeScript, Pug
cloud Dart database Flutter TypeScript VueJS
Lumen Research Ltd Freelance
Jan 2020 - Aug 2021 (1 year 7 months)
Software Developer
Working as a remote software developer on various projects within the company. The work is mostly focused on web development with me handling the frontend, backend and database parts of the projects as well as connecting to other company's systems. I am actively using technologies such as Nuxt.js, React, Vue, Vuetify, TypeScript, Fabric.js, TypeORM and MySQL.
database MySQL ReactJS TypeScript VueJS
Lumen Research Ltd Internship
Sep 2019 - Oct 2019 (1 month)
Web Developer
Worked on an internal company's platform as part of Erasmus+ work placement program in London. My work was mostly focused on web development with the Nuxt.js framework.

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DELTA - Střední škola informatiky a ekonomie
Maturita, Information Technology
Dec 2016 - Dec 2020
Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft Office 2016
Dec 2018

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