Davide Pirelli
Milan, Italy

I developed a particular interest into the Web field at the age of 14, and until now I never stopped studying and experimenting new things. I made a work out of my passion, going further into the topics of web development and new technologies. During the last years I worked as a Freelance with small local agencies, but also with bigger companies around Milan. This helped me increasing my technical and team working skills. Now i'm employed @ O&DS Srl as a Senior LAMP Developer.

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O&DS Srl
Oct 2019 - May 2020 (7 months)
Milan, Italy
LAMP Developer
Full Stack Web Developer, updating bio.
NSTLab di DiNapoli Luigi
Apr 2016 - Oct 2020 (4 years 6 months)
Mariano Comense, Italy
Full Stack Developer
Development of web interfaces by using Bootstrap3/4, jQuery, HTML5 and SAS.
Development of web applications (FE/BE) with PHP, MySQL, HTML5 and SASS.
Development of Mobile applications (iOS/Android/WP) with Cordova, integrated with Wordpress and eCommerce sites.
Development of Mobile applications (iOS/Android/WP) with Cordova, integrated with custom CMR in PHP.
Graphic design of logotypes, brochures, banner ADV and expo stands.
3D modeling with Blender, GCODE processing & 3D printing with FDM tecnology.
Development of Themes & Plugins for Wordpress.
Mar 2016 - Apr 2020 (4 years 1 month)
Milan, Italy
Full Stack Developer
Development of web interfaces using Bootstrap3/4, jQuery, HTML5 and SASS.
Development of Themes & Plugins for Wordpress.
Development of web applications (FE/BE) and PWAs
Development of Mobile apps (iOS/Android/WP) with Cordova + custom integrations with CRM.
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- Present
Digital Garage Labs
CovidAnalysis è un progetto senza scopo di lucro creato con l’obiettivo di rendere le persone consapevoli della diffusione di Covid-19 attraverso l’analisi e la presentazione dei dati e delle notizie.

La web application fornisce costantemente il numero aggiornato delle persone contagiate da Covid-19, dei tamponi eseguiti, degli ospedalizzati (in terapia intensiva e non) e delle persone guarite, diviso per Regioni, attingendo soltanto da fonti ufficiali e certificate. Inoltre, offre questi stessi dati per i paesi europei e fornisce un quadro sinottico a livello planetario.

Sono raccolte news sul tema provenienti da agenzie di stampa e quotidiani internazionali, nazionali e locali aggiornate ogni 10 minuti e aggregati i post relativi ai trending topics provenienti dai social network.
null Laravel JavaScript
FitActive Corporate Webaite
Apr 2015 - May 2015
UX Design, Web Dev for FitActive corporate website.
bootstrap php mysql Jquery
RPI Smart Lock NFC
Mar 2022 - Mar 2022
Project to turn RPI Pi Pico into a NFC powered smart lock.
python flask rxjs
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Belloni Milano
Degree, DTP and Digital Arts
Jan 2004 - Jan 2009
Associazione Salesiani
Premio all'eccellenza formativa - Pellitteri's DAY '09
Apr 2009 - Apr 2009
Centro Salesiano di Arese, acknowledgement obtained in 2009
Pellitteri's day awards its best students and has become a unique event in Italy, where the deserving students of almost fifty schools of printing, graphics, visual communication and multimedia are rewarded. Subsequently invited to talk about my freelance carrer after finishing the school, check it here: http://www.stampamedia.net/it/notizie/premi/il-futuro-della-comunicazione-grafica-al-25esimo-pellitteri-s-day
Associazione Salesiani
Premio all'eccellenza formativa - Pellitteri's Day '09
Google Street View Photographer
Jan 2018
Massimo Spinolo
Digital Photographer
Feb 2017

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