Dov Ber Ballon
Bet Shemesh, Israel

Web developer, full stack with lean towards fronend

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Altria israel
Apr 2018 - Feb 2019 (10 months)
Beit Shemesh, Israel
frontend developer
Developed and maintained several e-commerce sites as part of a team, using Vue.js and AngularJs
Jan 2016 - Apr 2018 (2 years 3 months)
Bet Shemesh, Israel
PHP/ WordPress devloper
Developed and maintained multiple sites, many WP based, using Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, etc.
Aug 2014 - Jan 2016 (1 year 5 months)
Bet Shemesh, Israel
Web devloper
Multiple small projects, web sites, Java projects
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WordPress Site
WordPress Site
wordpress php scss
Wordpress site
Wordpress site
wordpress php css
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Mercaz Hachareidi Lehachshara Mikztuit
Engineer, Computer Programing
Aug 2000 - Aug 2004
Issued by Israel Ministry of Education

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