Denny de la Haye
London, United Kingdom

Open source software developer; Amateur acrobat and freerunner; Professional political troublemaker.

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38 Degrees
May 2016 - Apr 2021 (4 years 11 months)
London, UK
Campaign Technologist
Building technology for campaigns.
aws postgresql ruby on rails rails ruby rspec rubygems activerecord amazon s3 heroku sidekiq redis ci/cd codecov circleci
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ShinyCMS (Ruby version)
Oct 2019 - Present
Open source project
ShinyCMS is a free and open-source content management system. This version is written in Ruby on Rails, and has support for themes, plugins, and cloud hosting.
ruby rails ruby on rails postgresql aws heroku github circleci codecov codeclimate rubycritic
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De Montfort University
BSc (Hons), Computing
Oct 1996 - Feb 2000

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