Jonah Lawrence
Denver, United States

Experienced full stack web developer and self-taught UI designer. Wrote code since age 10 and always improving my skills. Skilled with web development, Android apps, graphic design, spreadsheets, and working toward a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Jerusalem College of Technology.

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Evenly Odd Games LLC Freelance
Jan 2016 - Jan 2018 (2 years)
Website and App Developer
I developed and designed the iOS and Android apps for the board game, “Quatrix” invented by Evenly Odd Games LLC. The app has over 100 installs and a 5-star average rating. I also created the website for the game,
Android ios wordpress javascript construct 3
Fresh Idea Inc.
Jan 2010 - Jun 2021 (11 years 5 months)
Full Stack Developer
When I have the time, I work on several projects for Fresh Idea. Many websites which I developed and designed for Fresh Idea have over 50,000 users and hundreds of views daily. One example is TorahCalc which has over 100,000 total users and over 6,000 installs on Google Play.
php javascript wordpress html css cordova nodeJS c++ arduino
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Web Development Portfolio
Aug 2020 - Present
Portfolio of what I've been up to including many web development projects I have created.
Read Along Siddur
Jan 2018 - Present
📰 - Global Directory of Eruvim
Jan 2013 - Present
Definitive Eruv Information and Global Directory

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Lev Academic Center (JCT) (Jerusalem College of Technology )
Bachelor's degree, Computer Science
Jan 2018 - Jan 2021
After programming for several years, I started a bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science to expand my knowledge, learn the best practices, and improve my skills.

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