Hammed Oyedele
Ibadan, Nigeria

Hammed is a leading software developer renowned for his unparalleled expertise in creating cutting-edge web and mobile applications. With 6+ years of experience and a strong background in JavaScript, PHP, and Dart, Hammed has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to bring even the most complex projects to life with ease and finesse.

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Jack Westin
10 months
Mid-level Backend Developers Lead
Dec 2023 - Mar 2024 (3 months)
- Spearheaded development of clean, scalable, and maintainable back-end codebase.
- Increased test coverage using PHP Unit, Laravel Dusk, and Test-Driven Development (TDD) principles.
- Actively participated in Agile-driven planning and standup video calls.
- Implemented iterative development processes, fostering an Agile mindset within the team.
- Managed SQL and NoSQL databases (MySQL, Redis, MongoDB) for optimized performance.
- Collaborated with the front-end team to enhance Design System using Blade components, Nuxt.js, and Vue.js.
- Provided technical leadership, mentoring junior developers in best practices and methodologies.
- Conducted code reviews to ensure adherence to coding standards and quality.
- Introduced and integrated modern development tools and frameworks such as Laravel and Nuxt.js.
- Facilitated continuous improvement initiatives to streamline development workflows.
- Contributed to architectural decisions and system design, ensuring scalability and maintainability.
- Proactively identified and resolved technical challenges and bottlenecks in project delivery.
- Fostered a collaborative and inclusive team culture, encouraging knowledge sharing and growth.
- Maintained awareness of industry trends and best practices, incorporating them into project strategies.
php laravel phpunit
Backend Developer
May 2023 - Dec 2023 (7 months)
- Developed clean and maintainable back-end code, adhering to best practices and coding standards to ensure efficiency and readability.
- Implemented PHP Unit, Laravel Dusk, and Test-Driven Development (TDD) techniques to continuously improve test coverage, ensuring robustness and reliability of the codebase.
- Actively participated in project planning and standup video calls, contributing to Agile-driven development processes and aligning efforts with project objectives.
- Worked with SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, Redis, and MongoDB, optimizing database queries and structures for enhanced performance and scalability.
- Collaborated with the front-end team to refine components and Design System, utilizing technologies like Blade components, NuxtJS, and Vue.js to enhance user interface functionality and usability.
php laravel phpunit
Nov 2021 - Mar 2024 (2 years 4 months)
Software Engineer
- Crafted efficient and scalable PHP modules, contributing to the development of robust back-end solutions.
- Demonstrated proficiency in troubleshooting application and code issues, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing downtime.
- Integrated diverse data storage solutions to effectively manage and manipulate data, optimizing system performance and reliability.
- Translated user interfaces into markup languages such as HTML and CSS, ensuring seamless integration and user-centric design.
- Led the finalization of back-end features and conducted rigorous testing of web applications, ensuring functionality and reliability.
- Continuously updated and optimized application features to enhance performance and deliver exceptional user experiences, aligning with evolving requirements and industry standards.
php javascript wordpress jquery stylus gulp codeception phpunit
Feb 2018 - Nov 2021 (3 years 9 months)
Ibadan, Nigeria
Chief Technology Officer
- Spearheaded cross-browser compatibility initiatives, leveraging BrowserStack for comprehensive testing.
- Led evaluation, design, testing, implementation, and ongoing support of web applications.
- Pioneered efficiency improvements with Git Version Control, React.js, and Material UI.
- Directed adoption of cross-platform frameworks like Flutter, JavaScript, and PHP frameworks.
- Oversaw talent recruitment, training, fostering continuous learning and innovation.
- Aligned technology strategies with organizational goals, driving digital transformation.
- Implemented robust security measures and compliance standards across projects.
- Cultivated strategic partnerships to drive innovation and enhance competitive advantage.
- Provided leadership on emerging technologies, ensuring organizational innovation.
- Promoted diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering collaboration and respect.
javascript flutter php nextjs wordpress woocommerce jquery material-ui alpinejs ionic-react phpunit react laravel
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Jul 2019 - Present
Painless global state management for React using Hooks and Context API in 1KB!
javascript react null
Apr 2019 - Present
Get, Set, Update and Delete Cookie using React Hooks.
javascript react null
Oct 2020 - Present
Export Insomnia workspace HTML documentation.
javascript insomnia svelte null

Full-Stack Web Developer
Mar 2018
Responsive Web Design
Aug 2017
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
Nov 2017

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