Simo Mafuxwana
Software Engineer at StraTech • Strategic Technology Solutions
Cape Town, South Africa

Software engineer, occasional web designer, photography enthusiast, avid art fan. My primary role [currently] is building hybrid apps with Vue, Ionic, Capacitor and Cordova. Managing repos for all mobile projects and app stores. For web applications projects I work with the lead web developer to setup new projects and refine existing workflows and software design patterns..

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CodeSpace Academy
Jan 2020 - Mar 2020 (2 months)
Cape Town Area, South Africa
Part-time Teacher - Code 101: HTML & CSS
Teaching HTML & CSS basics
HTML css
StraTech • Strategic Technology Solutions
4 years 6 months
Stellenbosch, Cape Town Current workspace
Currently Simo Mafuxwana supports the StraTech • Strategic Technology Solutions

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Software Engineer
Oct 2017 - Present (3 years 9 months)
I am mainly responsible for frontends of all mobile apps; project boilerplates, creating and maintaining models and library for components, a lot of code refactoring, managing app stores.
For web browser projects I work with the lead web developer to setup new projects and refine existing workflows and software design patterns.

RedDot - The purpose of RedDot is to give managers a unique and bespoke tool that will bring simplicity and process automation to an onerous administration process. At present, managing agents are forced to use a number of different systems and processes to track the various work streams involved in managing a property portfolio.
My role started working on refactoring the back-office dashboard code base. Shortly after that I was asked to take on the mobile app side of this, here the main goal was to use web technologies and with the help of Ionic create a native app.

Wallet SMS - is a module feature I built to help DBA team monitor payments for a betting platform. This helped speed up the cycle of waiting period for bank money transfers. User adds money to his betting platform wallet the bank sends an SMS to a dedicated mobile number, the module monitors incoming SMSes and extracts information needed by DBA team. This is was one of those Mt. Kilimanjaro projects but then it was exciting once everything came together.

Payment Gateway - I worked alongside a backend developer colleague to figure out a way to make a plug-and-play feature that can be used across all projects. He focused on be backend integration with payment gateways and I focused on the frontend aspect. This feature is now used on all mobile apps, RedDot client website and other Stratech web projects.

Other - There are some project in development I can not talk about yet. Some of the features used in these include QR Code scanning, mobile wallets, and a "health check" monitoring tool for our websites.

Technologies Used:
javascript Vue cordova Capacitor nuxt CSS html5
Frontend Developer
Oct 2016 - Jul 2017 (9 months)
This is a FinTech company and I worked in an SMS lead project, a business loan project and an app tracking fish sales between fishers and buyers. I developed web applications and used Angular 2 and ReactJS.

HTML, CSS, JSX, REACT-JSS, React Styled Components, React JS, Angular 2, Ionic
react angular javascript Json
Cardinal Insurance Management Systems
Jul 2017 - Oct 2017 (3 months)
Somerset West, Cape Town
Software Engineer
Frontend engineer role working on a React back office system. A 2-part system for managing internal administrative processes and a quick-claims web client for users.

HTML, CSS, JSX, React Styled Components, React JS
react redux json

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RedDot Rental
- Present
Rental property management app. My responsibility as a frontend engineer is implementing visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application
Javascript Vue Nuxt Ionic-Vue Cordova
Feb 2020 - Feb 2020
Own Appeal
Food delivery prototype app. My responsibility as a designer and frontend engineer is implementing visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application
JavaScript Vue Ionic Ionic-Vue Cordova
Ionic Vue Templates
A collection of mostly one page Ionic-Vue templates from app design inspiration pages on Instagram or Dribble. I get to experiment with interesting, intricate design layouts. Sharpen my CSS and just have fun with the not so mainstream Ionic Vue stack.
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Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Information Technology, Multimedia Technology
Jan 2010 - Nov 2012

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