Darin McBride
Edmonton, Canada

Software developer and architect with a high focus on highly agile tooling and automation to simplify code, processes, and time-to-market with ever-changing requirements. Translates requirements easily between high-level requirements from product ownership and low-level requirements for the developers to implement. Specialties: C++, Perl, Unix/Linux

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Intelliwave Technologies Inc.
Apr 2019 - Aug 2022 (3 years 4 months)
Edmonton, Alberta
Development Lead
Introduce SDLC principles and mentor junior to intermediate developers to improve all aspects of the code.
c# javascript VueJS mongodb mysql
Pleasant Solutions
Jan 2018 - Apr 2019 (1 year 3 months)
Edmonton, Canada Area
Software Developer
Design and build a data layer for a SaaS spreadsheet system using C# and Postgres. This data layer is the foundation for the rest of the application, providing not only access to the data, but also concurrency and multi-tenancy guarantees. A heavy mix of postgres stored procedures, both sql and plpgsql, and C# data hiding.

Built a prototype for a blockchain product in .NET Core.
.net .net core C# PostgreSQL
IBM Canada Software Lab - Toronto
May 1997 - Jan 2018 (20 years 8 months)
Toronto, Ontario
Software Developer
- 2 years as DB2 Install on OS/2 developer, team lead.
- 7 years as DB2 Install on Unix team lead
- 6 years with DB2 Install Packaging - rearchitected and developed packaging of DB2 across all platforms from the ground up to support faster, simpler modification
- 3 years as DB2 Install Level 3 support lead for all platforms.
- 6 years as IBM Smart Analytics Systems / PureData for Operational Analytics maintenance and console - architected and developed the maintenance of the appliance through a single interface.
- 2 years: Returned to DB2 Install to lead a new team building from scratch.
- Work from home since 2002, proven effective remote employee, self-starter, independent.

Development languages used:
* C/C++ (DB2 Install, OS/2 and Unix)
* Shell scripting: ksh, sh, bash (DB2 Install)
* Perl (DB2 Install, Pure Data appliance maintenance)
C++ shell perl

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University of Alberta
Bachelor's degree, Electrical Engineering
Jan 1991 - Dec 1997

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