Dmitriy Shaydurov
Phuket, Thailand

I started my career as software engineer but later my focus shifted to business. I have 19 years of work experience in small business building… Today my desire is to combine programming and business building skills. Our websites not only look amazing but open new possibilities for businesses.

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Helastel, Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Jan 2021 - Jul 2022 (1 year 6 months)
Laravel + Vue JS developer
Key Projects & Achievements:
- Various API integrations.
- Modernization of old codebase
- Created microservice for Intelastel data filtering and app authorization
- Created several widgets for TinyMCE editor
- Created Laravel based application for working with Integromat API, Hubspot API, Clockify API
Laravel php vuejs
Filkos (
Nov 2019 - Jan 2022 (2 years 2 months)
Full stack web developer
Key Projects & Achievements:
- Modernization of old codebase
- Created several services for data monitoring in the admin panel
- Participated in the creation of more than 30 websites.
php mysql css
Jan 2016 - Nov 2019 (3 years 10 months)
Phuket, Thailand
Full Stack Developer
Key Projects & Achievements:
Created for ” Knihy a video s.r.o” - biggest Russian book supplier in Germany
- Modernized old code base of - Ukraine Spare Parts Dealer with more than 2 million items in store
- Participated in the creation of,,,,,, and others
- Created a book price synchronization system which used different publisher’s API
- Created SEO text generator which changed standard dealer’s descriptions to unique content
- Created image utilization script which improved page SEO performance
VueJS wordpress Opencart mysql bootstrap redis nginx linux docker

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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
Master's degree, Economics of Firm
Dec 1999 - Dec 2003
South Ural State University (SUSU)
Bachelor's degree, Rocket Engine Technology
Dec 1986 - Dec 1992
Complete PHP & Laravel course
Dec 2017
Web Development using VueJS
Oct 2019
Object Oriented PHP & MVC
May 2018

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