Dmitry Klimanov
Tula, Russia

Software Engineer, Analyst and many more. I like to do a very cool things. I was Team Lead / Architect at Ingate, largest internet marketing agency in Russia. I am currently make freelance projects. In my free time I develop https://dnmsk.ru services.

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Oct 2009 - Jan 2017 (7 years 3 months)
Tula, Russia
Software engineer / Team Lead / Software architect / Fullstack
I was grows in this company as developer. https://ingate.ru
.net sql ruby on rails javascript asp.net sql server mvc visual studio coffeescript asp.net mvc postgresql mssql html css sass scss ruby
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Orderline for HubRise
Jan 2019 - Dec 2019
ruby on rails VueJS scss mysql
Nov 2018 - Present
Demo contains a lot of my projects. UI is presented not in all, but I working on this.
.net ruby on rails VueJS websocket c# ruby javascript scss chef sql postgresql lua
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Tula State University
Master of Engineering, Computers, systems, networks
Sep 2006 - Jun 2012

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