Alexander Khmelnitskiy
Mykolayiv, Ukraine

Creating incredible WordPress plugins is my best skill and ability!

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508 Software
Oct 2021 - Mar 2023 (1 year 5 months)
WordPress Developer
Support for existing company products and development of new ones, based on the WordPress ecosystem.
php wordpress javascript Elementor ACF sass html oop figma gulp
Oct 2019 - Dec 2020 (1 year 2 months)
Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Technical Lead
Premium WordPress plugins development.
wordpress php javascript gulp scss npm json ajax sass jquery rest api xml webpack command line php composer oop less git
Aug 2016 - Jul 2022 (5 years 11 months)
Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Lead Developer
Creating awesome WordPress plugins with custom design and flexible admin panel.
php javascript wordpress joomla drupal wordpress theming jquery ajax json npm rest api woocommerce gulp less scss sass responsive design xml oop php composer apache phpmyadmin

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Speaker – Page to Speech Plugin for WordPress
Aug 2019 - Dec 2020
Speaker is a WordPress Plugin designed to converts website page content into human-like speech. The plugin uses the latest technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence to play a high-quality human voice and add an audio player with content to the page. The Speaker plugin basis is the Google Cloud Platform, which ensures the plugin’s reliability and speeds anywhere in the world.
php javascript wordpress sass gulp html api google cloud npm json ajax
WordPress Accessibility Plugin – Readabler
Nov 2020 - Dec 2020
Readabler is a WordPress accessibility plugin that expands the boundaries of information accessibility for people with special portability. The availability of content for people with special needs or difficulties with information perception is the most important part of each site’s operation.
wordpress php javascript sass gulp scss npm
Voicer – Text to Speech Plugin for WordPress
May 2019 - Jun 2019
Voiсer is a WordPress Plugin designed to converts text into human-like speech. The Plugin uses the latest technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence to play a high-quality human voice. The Plugin basis is the Google Cloud Platform.

The Voicer WordPress Plugin converts text into human-like speech in more than 275 voices across 45+ languages and variants. It applies groundbreaking research in speech synthesis (WaveNet) and Google’s robust neural networks to deliver high-fidelity audio.
wordpress php javascript gulp ajax npm scss sass jquery css php composer

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Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University
Bachelor, Intelligent Information Systems
Sep 2003 - Jun 2008
Training in specialties involves obtaining a thorough professional knowledge ofobject-oriented, cross-platform, functional and logical programming, algorithm theory, modern database management systems, computer networks, web-technologies, and web-Design, system software software and methods artificial intelligence, decision theory, data mining and systems analysis, intelligent systems software, expert systems, and machine learning systems and methods.

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