Edmond Musiitwa
Technical Support Engineer at Cloud Productivity Solutions Limited
Kampala, Uganda

Passionate Systems Analyst, Software engineer, web artisan and AI enthusiast who believes in infinite possibilities. Hell-bent on achieving a sustainable Recursive Self Improvement model (RSI) am heavily invested in research making learning new technologies, methodologies and human behavior a hobby. I believe that we can create a world where Machines and humans can relate with no fear of annihilation or an AI Colonization (haha).

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Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi - Development Limited)
Nov 2023 - Dec 2023 (1 month)
Kampala, Uganda
Software Development Consultant
A Senior Software Engineering Consultant,
- Building Custom System for the company.
- Advise of Process optimisation to create efficiency in internal operations
- Supporting Existing System
- Managing the Microsoft 365 Environment aspects.
- Building and Managing Power Apps
- Leading the AI initiative in the Organisation to foster a culture of efficiency, professionalism and safe AI use at the work place
PowerApps Microsoft 365 Software Engineering machine learning Artificial Intelligence Laravel javascript Dynamics 365 c# python tensorflow computer vision Database system design
Cloud Productivity Solutions Limited
Feb 2021 - Present (3 years 3 months)
Kampala, Uganda Current workspace
Currently Edmond Musiitwa supports the Cloud Productivity Solutions Limited

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Technical Support Engineer
My main role is to build and manage tools that enable software releases in a fast paced enterprise environment for clients. I operate with on-prem, public cloud platforms to help provide technical solutions to clients through Software, Cloud Productivity Being a Microsoft partner, My main area of development is with Microsoft services and applications like Microsoft Power Apps, Sharepoint, Azure and other (SPFx, react, .NET)

Also substituting as a solutions Architect Designing, Building and deploying solutions using Microsoft services (Azure, Power Platforms, Automations, Teams Applications, Sharepoint SPFx) and Sharepoint Administrations, Cloud and On-Premise. This Role as the lead DevOps Engineer has equipped me with the necessary skills, and mindset to Build Test deploy using both cloud technologies and traditional On-Prem technologies.
azure azure active directory azure devops asp.net entity framework asp.net core visual studio mvc sql server sharepoint SPFx azure devops
Dec 2019 - Mar 2020 (3 months)
Nakawa, Uganda
Chief Operations Officer
Leading Development and Operations

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suubitech Site
Sep 2020 - Sep 2020
Suubitech Company website
javascript ejs ExpressJS mysql bootstrap responsive design npm json photoshop
Laparoscopy Proctor
Mar 2021 - Present
Bethany Women's and family hospital
This is a virtual reality simulator or laparoscopic training box used for training, whose objective is the development of the necessary skills and understanding of the spatial-temporal frame of reference and required maneuvering to manipulate instruments and tissue in a bi-dimensional vision, camera manipulation and the ability to control instruments with both hands; thus being able to perform complicated surgical procedures with minimal invasion.

The objective of this study is to prove that applying a training program using a laparoscopic training box during a general surgeon's residency will result in a shortening of time when performing laparoscopic techniques.
Django python javascript html ajax mvc sqlite entity framework json jquery pandas tensorflow vision ai image processing computer vision machine learning numpy opencv deep learning data visualization data analytics
Project Management software that can be used use to manage projects, clients, invoices, support tickets, estimates, team and many other purposes. It is suitable for different types of organizations, freelancers and individual users, Manage contains all necessary tools to manage your business. and other operations
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Uganda Technology And Management University
Certificate, CCNA
Sep 2017 - Jan 2018
Certified in the Cisco Certified Network Associate Course at the certificate level with Uganda Technology and Management University
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Jan 2018
Powell Software Certified Manager
Jun 2021
Powell Software Certified Sales Executive
Jun 2021

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