Mustafa Ekrem KENTER
Istanbul, Turkey

He is a strong developer with a focus on team dynamics and people management. Involved in every aspect of the product development lifecycle, managed startup and enterprise teams. Skilled at architecting projects with recent tech stacks.

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Aug 2022 - Sep 2023 (1 year 1 month)
A no-code tool to increase e-commerce sales, build email lists, and engage with your visitors in just 5 minutes.
next.js aws typescript
Aug 2020 - Jun 2022 (1 year 10 months)
Senior Software Engineer
Conversational Commerce Platform
ReactJS typescript nodeJS GraphQL aws aws lambda serverless jest dynamodb
Turkish Airlines
4 years 2 months
Istanbul, Turkey
Senior Software Developer at Lean Product Development
Sep 2019 - Aug 2020 (11 months)
Senior Software Developer at Digital Innovation
Jun 2018 - Sep 2019 (1 year 3 months)
• Working on Digital Innovation Department with the focus on AI/ML
• Building a new chatbot, Boti, using Dialogflow with serverless architecture. It will work on bunch of platforms like Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Bip. Technology Stack Used: NodeJS, AWS (Lambda, API Gateway, Dynamodb), Typescript, Dialogflow, React
Team Leader & Cloud Architect at Agile Mobile Solutions
Jun 2016 - Jun 2018 (2 years)
• Worked on Agile Mobile Solutions Department as a team lead and scrum master
• Lead cloud migration of Turkish Airlines' mobile application to AWS.
• Developed a generic push notification API for internal use. Reduced integration time to minutes from days.

Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Associate
Oct 2019

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